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    Water consumption in our daily routine

    Many of us thinking that we have to drink a lot of water daily. But it is not correct. Our minimum consumption of water for a normal body is five liter per day. Diabetic patients should observe their doctor's advice as excess of water consumption may lead to kidney disorder.
    1.Consuming a glass of water immediately after brushing in the morning gives effective functioning of organs.
    2.One glass of water 30 minutes before meals helps a good digestion.
    3.One glass of water before bathing lowers blood pressure.
    4.One glass before going to bed avoids stroke and heart attack.
    5.Never force any one to consume water as we please.
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    The water consumption should be as required by the individual. It should be neither less or more. There are different people who give different pieces of advice. After hearing all these we will get confused and don't know what to do.
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    Well the author has given different details of how to consume water and when. But water has been so dear to us and when ever we feel like having we have to get it. Especially when we are fast asleep during nights and suddenly wake up, we feel like dried mouth and thirsty is more. So having water at that time is the must. Moreover I feel like having water in between the meals and that gives me fullest satisfaction of my eating and digestion too. And before going to attend nature calls, having bottle food of water will ease out. Therefore water has been our natural friend and we can take any time we want.
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    That is a very nice and useful thread. Thank you, Mr. Ramachandran. I took a glass of water immediately after reading this thread. It is true that we do not drink the amount of water that we actually need for our body on daily basis. There are various reasons for this, but I would not state that. I will note the points you mentioned here.

    Also, we need to note that we should not waste water and use it in a proper manner.

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    Many people will have the habit of taking water during the course of their meals. Some people say taking in between is not good. I started practising this. But sometimes when the food is very hot I was forced to take water. So I am not able to completely stop taking in between.
    If we keep water overnight in a copper vessel and take next day morning if we consume that water it gives us good health. My father is having this practice from his younger age. This practice he is continuing even today.

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    Yes, it is very important when and how much water we drink .For example if we drink water too soon after or before our meal it will dilute the digestive juices which will not help in digestion .An individual's drinking habit might differ from one place to another .People living in hot regions drink more water to compensate their excess sweating due to overheat and vice versa in cold region.
    Our body is designed with an excellent working mechanism, by sending some indications like thirst and hunger to fulfill its need. Our body needs a lot of liquid which we can take either in the form of water or juices, tender coconut Water, butter milk, fruits etc.


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