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    Congratulations Team India on winning the inaugural Kabaddi Masters match against Pakistan

    And we thought the high charged cricket matches against our arch rival Pakistan would enthuse many. But the Indian Kabbadi team which registered a convincing win against Pakistan 36/20 has once again proved that we have talent in every sport to out smart Pakistan. Congrats to all the players who have put combined efforts and won with 15 raid points, 12 tackle points, four losses and five extras. So thrilled were the Indians that even Virender Sehwag came out in total support of team Kabbadi.
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    Congratulations to Indian Kabaddi team for winning their first match against Pakistan. We are very happy to see the combined efforts of all the players to come out successfully in the game. Indian will win definitely in all sports and games against Pakistan. It may be Kabaddi, Cricket, Hockey or any other game, there is no chance that India can lose. The only chance for Pakistan in winning is in only terrorism. India can counter that terrorism but can't play foul with Pakistan by using terrorist in their country.
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    Congrats to the team India for winning the Kabaddi match.
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