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    Is it good and worth the money we pay?

    This is about online purchase of essential items. Recently I wanted to present a saree to one of my relative on her birthday. I searched few online websites. There the sarees rates are mentioned as Rs.1999 and reduced to Rs 679, Rs2499 reduced to Rs.999 etc.

    My question is: Are they worth buying? Are the rates quoted reasonable and justifiable? Do we get cheated by such on line purchases?

    Please post your views on online purchases.
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    The rates of the sarees cannot be assured nor compared as each sari has its own importance either in length, texture or the color combination and buying sarees on line is not advised as we have to feel the sari for the quality, then assure its durability and then purchase and for that virtual shopping is the best bet. Moreover in shops we can actually see so many varieties with our naked eyes and we can also purchase saris by matching with the blouse pieces if any and thus , we make sure that the things are purchased with full verification and there is no doubt when purchased through virtual shopping.
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    We very frequently purchase various items online. My wife purchased sarees online by seeing the advertisement. The saree is good and it is exactly the same as what they have shown in the advertisement and the rate is also very less. There is no cheating and we are very much satisfied with the item.
    Once my son purchased a T-Shirt and that is also no problem. very good quality and reasonable price. they promise free replacement if there is any damage and if we inform within the specified time they will replace the same. Once my son purchased a mobile cover but it is damaged when we received it. Immediately the same is informed and they replaced it.
    But the site you are ordering should be reliable and known one. Generally, we use Flipkart, Amazon only.

    always confident

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    If you are purchasing online and that too clothes and that also traditional like suits and sarees, then you have to be very careful. Because we look for the best quality in ethnic wear. I have also been purchasing dresses like party wears Anarkali suits online, and they are good quality and reliable. I would suggest you go with "". This is a very good website for traditional clothes. The product they sell is actually worth it.
    Do not go with less prices, but look for websites which sell good quality clothes. You can concern with people who have been purchasing such ethnic clothes online. Good quality stuff will never come in cheaper prices.

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    This is important to note that the price of any commodity is fixed on the basis of the overall cost & adding the profit margin. Along with this there is a concern of stock or inventory turnover as there is a continuous production which add to the existing stock. So, in order for consistent production the stock has also to be kept on the movable side & this is the reason that various schemes are introduced from time to time. Because of the reduced prices those customers also approach to the brand or the store who were not comfortable earlier because of high price. But this time the prices are fixed by minimizing the profit margin.

    And so if you get the seasonal fluctuation in the prices of your favorite brands & even if this suites you than it would be a good suggestion to go ahead & make your purchasing.

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    Established and reputed portals do not cheat. But before buying online we have to do some homework. We have to check the local shop price. We have to see if the full details about the clothe is given We have to read all details and understand it. . In ready made clothes, we have to understand about the size numbers and measurements. There are various system of numbering. Some sites give those details to help us. In certain sites we can ask our doubts and they will clarify. We have to read the reviews. Reading more reviews will give us a fair idea about the site as well as the product. It is better not to bu an item which does no have any reviews, unless we have full knowledge about it.

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    But one more thing, some reputed on line portals dealing with clothes have the rejection option. That means on opening if the ordered material is not the same , you can turn down the delivery.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I have many times observed that these online places will show heavy discounts on some items which naturally lure a customer to buy it. When the item is received the buyer finds that material is not up to the quality.

    This is happening and recently it happened with me when I bought a bedsheet from Amazon. The quality was not what I expected. As Amazon has a good return policy, I returned the item.

    We should be really careful and vigilant in purchasing such heavily discounted items from these online stores.

    Knowledge is power.

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