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    Are we losing the habit of writing

    In our childhood days, we used to write letters to our relatives and friends. We used to write assignments and notes etc as assigned by the teachers from time to time. Even after joining in the job also we used to write many papers, IONs and reports. But slowly we started dictating letters to PA and then we started using computers on our own. Slowly Laptops have emerged and our office has become a mobile office. Now we don't require a pen even in the office. We do everything online and we will give digital signatures so that we need not sign anywhere. Even issuing cheques also has come down. Slowly our writing habit we are forgetting and when we want to write something we feel a little uncomfortable and look for our laptop. So we are completely forgetting how to write also. Do you agree?
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    Yes I have felt several times that I am loosing grip on the writing. Not only the neatness has gone, sometimes pondering over the probable spelling and the line of writing also goes awry. Not only me, those who are not in touch with writing for years would have the same feeling and experience.
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    Yes, I do agree. In fact, the educationists all over the world are now worried over this issue. With the advent of the computer, laptop and other electronic gadgets, the habit of writing is dwindling very fast. The younger generation is more affected.

    Personally, nowadays I don't write more than two-three sentences on files. If it is necessary to submit detailed notes, I give dictation to my stenographer.

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    Yes, I do agree with you sir, in recent years we have entered a new world known as the digital world. Due to this we are forgetting our writing habits. At least, when we were small we used to give a lot of importance to writing in school and college days. But in the present days, students have got smart classrooms with a digitalized education system. When they grow up they will find it very difficult to touch pen and paper. Writing diary every day is a very good solution for this issue. At least by this way we can preserve our writing habits.

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    It is very true that our manual writing sessions are almost vanished. Only thing we do is fill some forms or scribble a few words or figures here and there. That also is becoming online or digital.

    People are either typing or using apps for voice to writing. The art of writing with pen and appreciating good handwriting are now a thing of past. Further, the online examinations are the severe blow to the students skill in handwriting and future generations may not know this unique activity.

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