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    Should we at times try to live in old ways?

    In the earlier days when we grew up there were not so many comforts and conveniences we have today. We all might remember doing below things.

    No 24 hours running water. We stored the water in buckets and used it to take bath. No showers. For brushing our teeth we used to fill water in a mug and brush our teeth. No geysers in the bathroom, we used to warm the water on stove or gas and use it.

    No mobiles or landlines were there. We used to write letters or postcards and go to nearest STD/ISD/PCO to make calls.

    We used to sit on the floor and have our lunch or dinner.

    There was no cable TV but only Doordarshan. Kids did not have access to gadgets and TV channels and played outside.

    Four wheelers were rare and we used to mostly use public transport.

    No generator backup and 24 hours electricity was there. We needed the support of emergency lights and candles to do our work.

    Above are just a few of the things to mention, there were many more.

    Now with all conveniences at our fingertips, we might have forgotten our old lifestyle and may find difficult to adjust to it in the present scenario. We know how we crib even if there is no running water in our bathroom even for an hour.

    Do you think we should practice our old forgotten lifestyle for a day or two in between just for fun and get to know how we cope up with it now? It will also check our adjustment quotient. I think this could be a fun exercise and also give our kids an idea of how we lived earlier.
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    That is true. We should practice some old methods so that we will remember how we have come up and that will be a good indication to our children that if necessary they should adjust to the hard things also.
    Recently in our house, we thought we should sit on the floor and at least once a week so that we will not forget to sit folding our legs both. Similarly, we should practice the other things also.
    We studied with kerosene lights as there was no power in those days in some villages. But these days young people will not open their books if there is no current.
    We should also travel by public transport regularly. It will help in controlling the pollution and the environment will be protected. Another important thing we should practice is sleeping on the terrace during summer and avoid using ACs. That will make us have a good sleep even though there is no power and this will reduce the pollution.
    Like this our good old practices are very good eco-friendly and practising those will improve the environment. So let us practice these at least sometimes.

    always confident

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    Yes we are slowly forgetting the old style of living and getting accustomed to modern living no matter it spoils our health. When we were in our rented house during 1980, the house owner used to give power only from 6 pm to 10 pm daily and everything has to be done within those four hours. Imagine there is no power after 10 pm which was crucial to sleep. But we have got adjusted to sleep and the life was going. Now I myself cannot imagine the old way of living and even for two minutes power cut feel uneasy and wanting. So the more we change, we tend to forget old living and our body wont cooperate.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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