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    Can we afford to be complacent in population control?

    The Hindi States are bursting at their seams. There is growth, but this growth and related development is not enough to educate the masses. The population is so high, and both the educated and those who are not educated, also migrate to the relatively prosperous South India, for all jobs.

    There is nothing wrong with this. However, as a nation, are we slipping in population control? Of late, there has not been any attempt to focus on population control.

    Huge populations will mean huge problems. Water, food and transport will be real problems. As corruption reaches new heights and commercialization of human relationships will be complete, will adding such huge numbers, not be detrimental to growth? Can we do something about this?
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    There should be control on population. In south India many people already implemented the family planning issue. But in north I think a lot more is to be done. Earlier days the government is giving a lot of thrust on this. But as the people became more knowledgeable the government stopped that advertisements and efforts. There are some communities and religions who never follow this family planning and that is playing havoc. Like in China government should make a rule that people having more than one child are not eligible for government jobs. Another step should be taken by the government is that rule should be implemented universally to all in the country. There should not be any reservation or concession based on any point.
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    Yes I agree, due to under development and not caring attitude of the rulers in the past, many states have not gauged the requirement of employment corresponding to the raise of the population in their own state and thus educated , non educated persons of the many states in North are migrating to the South to eke out their livelihood. This kind migration is dangerous as at some time or the other the locals in those states would confront that their opportunities are stolen by the people from North. So there must be integral development jobs for the youth in every state so that they would stop going to greener patches in other states.
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    Sadly there is still no morally right solution for this epic global problem. Population explosion is bothering everyone globally. All we can do is maintain the birth and death rates. We have to slow down the birth rate so that death can take its toll on the existing population. That means family planning. Controlling childbirth or even number of children born. It can also mean to let only particular individuals to reproduce under extremely hostile conditions.
    These measures may seem inhumane after a limit. So we don't have any solution as of now.

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