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    Why can't others emulate Mr Amitabh Bachchan?

    We have Rajnikant even today bashing up sixty bad guys, At the age of 68. He is becoming or is already so old. At his age, Mr Amitabh Bachchan, did not even attempt to act as the hero. He did act in some movies, but more as father.

    Our dear Rajnikant can't still believe that he is so old. His fans still want him to be the action hero. Even Siranjivi of Telugu movies does not act like Rajnikant. I do not know who are the other Hindi actors fooling around like our Rajnikant. It is absolutely so irritating to see Rajnikant and others like him in action sequences. It is better that they understand that they are no more young and act only as fathers.

    Is this a right proposition?
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    Amitabh Bachhan started his acting career as a theatre artist in Kolkata. And it is generally believed that theatre artists are better actors . Further, theatre artistes chose their roles according to their age, figure and personality. Amitabh Bachhan still have these qualities. So, he accepts role considering his age and personality. His recent films like Baghvan, Chini Kam, Black, Sarkar, etc. bear testimony to this fact. So, even in character roles, he remains prominent.
    This quality can't be expected from Rajini Kant, who depends more on the action role of hero, mannerism, technical show and other objects and less on acting.

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    In Tamil the hero worship on some particular actors is more and we cannot stop that with what so ever reason. As long as entertainment is given by a particular hero of their choice and they do spend money to get the best out of his action and thus cherish the moment. We cannot compare Amitabh with Rajni as the former was the Indian actor and the later was subjected to South. Moreover offers matters. May be Amitabh was not taken by Hindi directors considering his over age. But in South many films are produced creatively and for that age does not matters but only Iconic figure matters.
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    I would like to disagree. What Rajini is doing, he does that on popular demand. People want to see him act. They want him to do gravity defying stunts and bone-breaking action sequences. He is loved so much. Big B too is respected a lot, not loved. People go crazy after Rajinikanth. He's not a human. He's a cult. And we must never try to snatch a cult from the people who follow it.
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    Rajnikant is Rajnikant, I don't think anyone can get such popularity. I am a die hard fan of Amitabh yet I can not be biased when comparing these two. It is not that Amiyabh didn't try action hero role after 50+ but audiance has not accepted him. His Lal Badshah and few more movie was floped. This is here he understood his image and started taking characters role. However, in Rajnikant case people still want him to do the same action role. It is public demand that Rajni is force to do such role.

    I find no problem in it.

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    It is the craze and fans they have is making them to still continue to act like this. As long as the viewers like them they continue to do the action in which the viewers expect. In Telugu movies, ANR acted almost till his death. But as he has become old he opted for the roles which are suitable for his age. Once he was one of the two top heroes in the Telugu film industry. But as he grows ole he changed his roles and acting styles. That is what exactly Amitabh is also doing now.
    There are many heroes in Telugu industry also who are aged but still trying to do the roles of college students. Even Chiranjeevi will be dancing with 18 years actual who are of the age of their daughter and doing fightings with more people and even without even getting a little injury. As the viewers are seeing these movies and receiving well they are continuing the same trend.

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