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    Is the Zero B water not that safe?

    We have many Railway Stations in India, where this Zero B water is available. If we carry our own bottles, we can even fill that at a much cheaper price. However, the water does seem to be some chlorine content in it.

    Is this okay, and is it safe? The fact that it is cheaper should not lead us to any problem, as such. Members who are fully conversant with this issue, may please clarity the actual position. In this connect, is the Railway water, now sold at Rs.15 okay? There does seem to be some malpractices as we really do not know if they are original at all.

    Of course, the Bisleri and the Acqufina are so good, but also quite costly as well.
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    In big cities where Railway stations are there, if we bring bottle they fill Rs.4 per litre but if they provide bottle it is Rs.8. This water is purely cooled R.O. water. This type of water we can get on platform. I think relatively safe for drinking. Actually the water what we get in train whether it comes from Railway dept. Or the water is from any company has to be sold for a maximum of Rs.15. But some times the vendors are collecting Rs.20.

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    The water served in some big stations are totally controlled and purified as per the set norms and there cannot be questions regarding safety to the health. However regular maintenance of the water tank and cleaning of it is must. By adding chlorine content, the water becomes tasty and germs free. As we undertake long journey and the water is the main ingredient to our health, it should be purified without outside elements of bacteria. So chlorine added water is also supplied to the homes through municipal taps and that is not the big issue. But maintenance of the water storage tanks regularly matters.
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    I did a little study and understood that ZeroB is the company that makes RO purifiers. And RO water is the best we can get in these days with only downside being loss of essential minerals. RO has the capability to effectively eliminate all sorts of microbes and minerals in water. So don't worry about safety and keep drinking.
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    In RO water there is no chlorine. It is even free of fluorine also completely. But Zero B technology is different. There some chlorine will be there and fluorine available in the water is not removed. But now the Zero B technology is not in use. All are using RO plants also. Even the so-called Zero B mentioned by the author in the post is also using RO technology only.
    The railway platforms are using this RO plants only and they are safe only. It is even better than pre-bottled water which is bottled in our absence and how good is that water we don't know.
    So far RO plants are the best plants to produce safe water for drinking. But the problem in this RO plants is the yield is very low. Fo one bottle of Mineral water you may have to consume 2 to 3 bottles of normal water. The wastewater generated will be more in this process.

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