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    How are the Mumbai people so disciplined?

    Go to any bus station in Mumbai. You can always see hundreds of people waiting in a very orderly fashion. When the bus comes, people do not rush. They wait for their turn to board their bus. This in the busiest city of India. The superb metro called Mumbai.

    Why do people in other cities like Chennai never follow such discipline? What is the special reason for Mumbai people to be so disciplined? What is the situation in other cities?
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    Yes maintaining discipline must come from their own behavior in public place and one cannot impose rules. Orderly behavior in public place has many advantages. That the place would be free from chaos, as every one would get the chance to enter or exit. Moreover there cannot be preferential treatment or recommendations as every person whether rich or poor has to maintain the queue and enter the bus or the train. i bet there is no other city in this country has this orderly maintenance of queue to board or alight from the bus. Hope other cities also follow this great rule.
    K Mohan
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    Yes. It is true. The traffic in Mumbai is well maintained and the people are very well disciplined. They get into public transport in queues and there is no pushing and there is chaos. Even the vehicles will never change lanes and they will maintain the lane discipline. Changing very frequently from one lane to other lane and making horns too much will not be seen. Even on the immersion day of Ganesh, the traffic will never get disturbed. One lane will be left for the procession and the remaining traffic will use the other lanes. If this discipline is not followed in this city it is not possible to commute and that is why the people are habituated to this traffic rules and discipline.
    The public in other metros and big cities should learn from these people. Then the traffic problems will come down. Everybody feels the importance of their work and urgency. But the other person is also like you. if this simple thinking, if one has all traffic problems, will come down.

    always confident

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    If you say or do any comparison, one must understand that it need not be pertinent to a single city. If we say Mumbai, being a financial capital of India, and more of Hindi speaking people, the probability of mixing of majority people from other states too along with Maharashtra and so we say the discipline is among the city dwellers from Maharashtra and other Hindi speaking states. Whereas in Chennai being a non-Hindi speaking city, the majority of mixing of people are from different parts of Tamil Nadu and hence the discipline depends on all city dwellers from other places of TN too. The sole responsibility one should fix it with the whole of TN.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Am just not able to understand what Ms Sarojha is saying. The Mumbai people are so disciplined, not because they are Hindi-speaking. They are disciplined because they that is basically in the blood of the Maharashtrians. Please do note that Marati and not Hindi, is still the major language. Hindi has nothing to do with discipline.

    If that were so, what about the Hindi speaking people who occupy all the berths of reserved passengers and make life miserable for those who are rightfully eligible to travel without any trouble. Have you ever traveled even in a day train with the Hindiwallahs? Am totally surprised that you have mixed up the Hindi language with discipline. Today, Hindi is also spoken in Chennai and in many other parts of Tamil Nadu. I just spoke about the discipline in the queues in terms of getting into buses., This has nothing to do with language.

    Kindly do not mix up issues and talk non-issues. In Chennai too, people are otherwise disciplined. We do not want anyone's certificate. The whole world was aghast when for one full week, some six lakh Tamil families congregated in the Marina Beach, but nothing untoward happened at all. Incidentally, the Hindi speaking people, particularly from Rajashthan, who are my friends, settled down in Chennai for over two hundred years and who can read, write and speak Tamil, even better than me, were there in the agitation.

    So, Madam, language has nothing to do with discipline. Do not confuse yourself with such fancy ideas.

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    Please read my post very carefully. Even I am not saying it is because of Hindi speaking but because to combine all other states people I have mentioned it as Hindi Speaking and I have included Maharashtra also. While coming to Tamil Nadu I said it is only the people of the whole of TN not only Chennai. Nowhere I have mentioned between Hindi Speaking and Tamil Speaking.

    Why do people in other cities like Chennai never follow such discipline? quote and unquote from Post.

    In Chennai too, people are otherwise disciplined. We do not want anyone's certificate. quote and unquote from Response.

    You have only given contrary statements in Post and response. Being a born and brought up in Chennai I cannot tolerate such statements from anyone whether someone stays in Chennai or not.

    Please do not be in a hurry to give a response and from your response, anyone can understand your mindset clearly.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Whether it is locals or the people reside from other states, there has been a decent behavior and discipline maintained in Mumbai and that must be appreciated.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Am sorry if I had got it wrong. A plain reading of your input would only indicate as much. I still feel that it is the people of Mumbai, the native Marati people, who have a culture of your own. I just wanted to know if there are some unique aspects of those people. I have not given any contrary statements. I just read into your statement. I really do not know if you know that today, even in Chennai, Hindi is widely spoken. All barriers have been broken. I do not know why you have spoken about mindset.

    Let me clarify. I have friends from all over. Language is never an issue. Even if one does not know the language, it is not a crime. I have seen thousands who just know Hindi. They are being helped by others who know both Hindi and Tamil, for instance.

    Anyway, am sorry I had hurt you. I was a bit emotional only because you had talked about the entire TN people. That is not true either. For instance, in the city of Coimbatore, you can find very disciplined people. We should all learn from Mumbai. That is the crux of the message.

    I am once again sorry if I had hurt you. Though I do not live in Chennai, am very much a part of Chennai, as am there three days a week. Great to know that you are also one who is born and brought up in Chennai.

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    Why do people in other cities like Chennai never follow such discipline?

    This kind of question is personal and not many people will believe in it. Sarojha is rightly pointed out about this.

    I have lived in Chennai for 6 long years and living in Mumbai from past 12 years. Saying one city is discipline and other is not is something not digestible. On what parameter do we say so? Just because people stand in que?

    Let me say it, yes it is most of the place Mumbaikar stand in que for Bus or auto, because they know if they don't do so, they themselves will be late at office. However, the same discipline can't be seen in railway station when entering inside the local train! Where then the discipline goes? Just watch an youtube video that how people struggle and fight to get inside the train, you will understand the whole picture. So, judging something very important because of one or two reason should not be the parameter to show other City people down. However, this does not mean that Mumbaikars are not discipline and same can be said for other city people too.

    In my personal opinion, I found Chennai is better discipline and most understanding people. Simple and no show off! So does it mean that other city people are not understanding? These are totally personal view and one should make it clear when posting on place like ISC forum.

    "If that were so, what about the Hindi speaking people who occupy all the berths of reserved passengers and make life miserable for those who are rightfully eligible to travel without any trouble."

    The above mentioned sentence are the same for that the same author has asked sorry if anyone feel hurt, and again he has vomited the same. What problem do you have with Hindi people? Don't other language speaking people occupy seats in reservation train?

    At a time when editor are so hard on someone personally to delete their post, the same editor are kept their eyes close here. This author has got the habit of hurting people sentiment and asking sorry later on.

    Should we be allow him? Let the knowledgeable editor decide.

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    There is something which we call the "overall impression" for any particular entity or with reference to any person, place animal or a thing. This "overall impression" can emerge as a moderate personality but this still could be held on either of the side of good or bad.

    Now considering the situation of Mumbai than this is the financial hub of India & heavily populated with continuous movement of working population all the time which is from within & from outside states too. I am of the opinion that this has created within them the understanding of existence & cooperation in order to move with harmony. They are professionals & too busy to get involved in hurting sentiments of others or fighting for a seat because & perhaps they have understood that it's not possible for them for all the time. They might have accepted the reality or have managed to do the things accordingly or for whatever reasons they have proved to be more sympathizer to others.

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