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    Why sometimes we lack self discipline to do things on our own?

    Many times we see that if we want to do something we always look out for reason or excuse to do it. Without reason, we fail to put that task in priority and do it.

    For example, many people join yoga classes even if they can manage to do it on their own and they know all the asanas. The main reason for joining yoga classes for them is that they are not self-disciplined to do it on their own at their home and they do not take out time for it. If they go to the class then they are bound to do it as they have paid for it and do not want to miss the class.

    Similarly, many parents send the kids to tuition classes not because they need it but due to the fact that when they are at home they do not obey their parents and study. So they think that if they go to the tutions at least they will sit and study for that much time.

    There can be many more examples from real life where people use the third party to get the things done which could otherwise be done on their own by having some self-discipline. I think people should understand the priority of different tasks and have the self-discipline to do them themselves rather than finding a reason to do that job.

    Just because I have to go the class so I have to do it, should not be the approach.
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    Nice observation from the author. Our children wont listen to us because we pamper them to the most and when it comes to studies and task, the children would take it easy and thus we are forced to forgo the challenges for the sake of our child refusing due to our over pampering. But there are students who have the niche to create something on their own and they do practice Yoga at least following the tips given on the social media. Such kind of small beginning has to be appreciated and also some students wants to have studies with their friends as combined studies. I think combined studies turn out to be a gossip or chatting session as more talks and less studies would be done. So children should be under the watchful eyes of the parents and be strict when it comes to the studies and other tasks to be completed , and as a parent if you participate , they would like to complete the same with ease.
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    We have to go to school to learn. But not that we learn as we are going to schools. If we can do things on our own it is better to do it. But we try to give it to somebody else as we feel lazy and we will not do the issues on our own. This issue speaks about the attitude of the individual. They don't have the attitude of working on their own.
    The educated parents can take care of their children's education but they won't find time for that. At the same time, children also will not give concern to the teachings of their parents.
    We should inculcate the habit of this self-discipline to the children from their early life. We should tell them to do all their works on their own and we should teach them how to manage their works within their available time. So they will grow with that attitude and try to help themselves.

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