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    Do you have the attitude of "Let others do it first " then I will follow ?

    In our life some times situation force us to attend a task or the work immediately and cannot be postponed for others advise or their cooperation to initiate. In our colony the new drainage was laid and the residue mud was not lifted and that was piled on the either side of the road. It was the contractor's duty to take the extra mud, but he left to the fate of colony. Some have initiated to clear the mud in front of their house and thought every one would do. Suddenly for eight hours there was continued down pour and all over the colony mud has spread and turned to murky clay which forbids to move even a two wheeler. So whom to blame ?
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    It is the contractor who has to clear the material. But he has not done it. So the fault is with him. The municipal authorities have to punish the contractor by deducting from his bill or blacklisting him for further works. If the authorities do that they will be at a loss. So they keep silent. Ultimately the sufferer is the normal man.
    Whom to blame? We have to blame ourselves because we are responsible for all these wrong things. We are voting such corrupt leaders to power. They are supporting corrupt officers to get their share. The contractors are getting benefitted by engaging such officers for their benefit. Ultimately the tax payer's hard earned money is getting into the bedrooms of these individuals. The Citizens has to start revolting against these group of people and see that they will do the works properly. Then only they can become alright. Otherwise, the things will continue like this.

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