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    Be an informer, earn in crores!

    No, I am not joking. It is not a fraud scheme. Rather this has been announced by the Central Government. Be an informer and earn in crores.

    Last week, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has announced the Benami Transactions Informants Reward Scheme, 2018. Under this scheme, a person (including a foreign national) can get reward up to Rs one crore for giving specific information to the Joint Commissioners or Additional Commissioners of Benami Prohibition Units. Further, if a person provides information about undisclosed black money kept abroad, he can get a reward up to Rs. five crores in Indian currency.

    This scheme has been brought to encourage people to share information about black money or benami transactions with the Government of India.

    Members! Will you try to avail this huge earning opportunity?
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    Furnish definite information against anybody including the minister, the person will be investigated. If the information is found correct, necessary action will be initiated against him/her and you will be awarded.
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    First of all we must know the persons who are having benami transactions and that too the land or the property must be in high values. Secondly the information which we gave or passed on the government must be genuine and not the fake one. That means if the land or the property really owned by the Individual then the entire exercise may be futile. Lastly the registrar office or the sub registrar office are the right place to raid and know as to who has been frequenting to the office and for what purpose. Such details would lead to transaction details and that would be divulged by the registrar officer itself and we wont get benefited.
    K Mohan
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    We can inform and they will investigate and if it is proved they will take action and we will be rewarded. The proposal is good. But there are many cases which were investigated and still in court. We don't know how long they will take to prove that. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's case was investigated and he was on bail. He is the aspirant of CM post for Andhra Pradesh. Why central government is not making the investigation complete immediately and take the necessary action. The moral here is we need not inform the government about the political leaders and they can't do anything about these leaders. if we inform about some employees or government servants they may take stringent action on them. What is the use? Tigers are protected but goats are punished. This type of investigations and rewards will never help the common man.
    So I think there may not be any use of giving information. This will make the investigation officers rich and corrupt people will become good people in the eyes of a common because of non proving of cases against them.

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    Only the rich becomes richer and richest with crores. Only the rich can identify the other rich. A poor or middleman may not know what is in the account of the rich. Possibly, the poor but rich assistant who works for the rich may know this. But will he be so cut throat to go against his boss and the black money they hold? The rich always has the escape route to get out of the problems by bribing the IT officials. For this, all the IT officials working for Indian Government should be thoroughly gentle without any corruption.
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    By this largess thrown open by the government, the masters would be more careful with their PA's or the drivers to whom all the moves of the owner is known.
    K Mohan
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    This appears to be just another attempt by the center to reassure the people (lest they forget) that their fight against corruption is still on. When no action has been taken as yet on so many known corruption cases, what will they do with some information passed on? I am afraid that we might witness more blackmailing and extortion cases with the introduction (?) of this new (another) scheme.
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    For the information of people working in private sector, this scheme is a regular annual feature of CBDT. Every year CBDT issues the same/similar notification.
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    #640140, that's the point. So, this being a regular annual feature of CBDT, I fail to understand as to why this thread was raised as if it was a new scheme being announced by the center.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Has the author said that this is a new scheme? The author can't be held responsible for wrong interpretation.

    This thread has been raised to make people aware of such scheme so that they can avail the benefits of the scheme, if possible.

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    Highest Black money will be found in Nagaland. But, I have a doubt. I have never heard any Nagas arrested for hiding Black money at their home. Is this program applicable in Nagaland?
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    This is of course not new!
    There are many old movie in which hero gets rewards for informing about black money or something related to this and become rich. I am sure every educated people know about it and still if you act to blame the government, I am sure your opinion need to change and not author content.

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    John, Nagaland is the part of India and what ever Union of India takes decision it is applicable to all states and if you have solid information about black money they you can pass on the CBDT.
    K Mohan
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    @Mohan, Thanks for the input. By the way, if I have to report, then whom shall I contact? Any mailing address, or phone no? I think, doing so will dishearten lot of black monies holder. Also, reporters identity must be keep confidential.
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    #640241: In the age of internet, this is not at all a problem. You can easily visit the site ( and contact the Additional Commissioners or Joint Commissioners.
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    If you want to pass any information regarding corruption in government offices or those who have wealth and not paying tax, then give information to following address

    Satarkata Bhavan , A-Block
    GPO Complex , INA
    New Delhi - 110 023
    EPABX :- 011- 24600200 (30 Lines)
    FAX : 011- 24651010/24651186
    Email : cenvigil[at]nic[dot]in

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) investigates the corruption charges against Central Government employees only. It does not deal with the benami properties/black money of each and every person.
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