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    Do you thank the chef or the cook who prepared food for the party?

    We all attend marriage parties, birthday functions and many other functions where the food is cooked by a private party. Generally the food cooked used to be very delicious and tasty. After enjoying the food, we may thank the organizer of the party of function. But do you ever think about the person who cooked the food for us? Do you search for him or ask for him to appreciate his cooking? Do you feel that it would be nice to encourage the cook with some words of appreciation? Won't such appreciation boost the morale of the cook?

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    We see and enjoy Taj Mahal and appreciate Shajahan for getting such wonderful monument made. But we never think of the mason we toiled hardship to make such a wonderful monument. We all think that it is his duty and he was paid for that. Same is the case here also. We appreciate the organizer because he invited us to the party and given a chance to eat the delicious food. If he has not called us we might not have got the chance to taste that food. So I don't feel it is wrong to thank the Organiser. At the same time, we thank the chef also as he has given a chance with his workmanship to us to have a tasty food.
    Generally, when I attend such functions, I will appreciate the food taste and convey my good feelings to the catering representative available there as the chef may not be available there always.

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    No, frankly speaking. We should thank the chef, but generally, we don't get the opportunity to thank him in a social function.
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    Yes when ever I attend the party, function or the marriage and the food served was super, surely I would extend my best wishes and congrats to the cook, chef or who so ever as the in charge. In fact in our family I am the person to admit free and frank review of the food prepared as to its taste and looks. Certainly the host would like to have comment from my side. Even at the hotel when I am paying the bill at the counter, a word of appreciation to the chef master is told by me and thus they would feel much happier as if they got some early increment to their work done with perfection.
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