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    If others wont listen to you, will you attend the work on yourself or still wait for their response

    At the home or the office , some people have the habit of taking work from others though it may be a small task or just searching something and giving it back to them. And for some they wont get up from the chair and expect everything to happen at their chair and they would ask the people to bring this thing and that thing. But people are smart, they wont oblige and see that the person thus ordered shall do the task himself. What is your role here. Do you expect others to attend to your command or do the things for yourself ?
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    That depends on what level you are working. For senior Manager, there may be many tasks on hand and he has to see that all tasks will progress as per the target and designed timing. in such case, he will allot works to various next level people and monitor the progress. He may not be doing anything on his own. But he is reviewing the progress and may be guiding the people exactly who are executing the work to debottleneck the problems.
    But the next level people can't follow the same pattern. They have to oversee the works personally and see that the works will progress in the desired way. like that the working needs will vary. For a junior level man, it is not possible to sit in the chair and see that all the things will happen. He has to move around and talk to people. Get the required help and see that the work assigned to him will progress.

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