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    What will happen to this idea of simultaneous polls in States and the Lok Sabha?

    Though Mr. Modi has mooted the idea of simultaneous polls, one does not find any sort of consensus. The parties are totally divided. Whatever merits or demerits the proposal may have, wider debates on the issue seem to be totally missing.

    Why not at least conduct sample polls to understand the mood of the people? Is it not a very big change? There will be a huge amount of logistics management that will be involved. It is not clear if the State police can handle so much pressure at the same time.

    What do members feel? Mr. Modi seems to be honest in his intent. In fact, that he is very honest is one aspect that makes him a very tall leader. He has come with a suggestion. The wider question is: what will happen to law and order and the State Governments, which will use all foul means to misuse all their resources?
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    I don't think there will not be increased law and order problem due to simultaneous elections to assembly and loksabha. The same voters instead of casting one vote have to caste two votes. Earlier I remember sometimes this election for both happened together. So we need not worry about law and order problems.
    There will be many benefits to the country. Expenditure will come down to a large extent. The propaganda can be done simultaneously by the leaders and the contestants. The national leaders need not come more times for election canvassing. once these are reduced the expenses for these activities will also come down. The election officers also need not come two times and hence expenses from that front also will be reduced. So the idea of Modi is a good idea and if other parties and other leaders also accept this proposal I the k the EC I will be ready to conduct the elections simultaneously.

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    What I feel that many parties are not towing the idea with the fear that the NDA government would rig the poll en mass and that is what even alleged by the former Chief election commissioner Krishna Murthy. What I suggest that let our voter ID card be aligned to our phone and on the election day one vote from one phone must be synchronized and that would be easy to detail and have the apt voting pattern of the voters choice as there wont be rigging or doubts in the minds of so called opposition parties who are time and again blaming the EVM's being used by the ruling party to their fortune.
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    Good idea but it will be a long drawn process. There may not be any savings in the expenditure as presumed.
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    What kind of judgment is this by the ME of ISC?

    A thread is posted by a new member which was having content of PM Modi and talking about his work. This thread is locked advising the member to check the repetition of the same content.

    Yet, this is thread open which is talking about the idea to have Assembly election and Loksabha election simultaneous. This content too have been posted 3-4 times recently. Is this thread is not a repetition?

    What kind of rule is this? It is a direct connection of favoritism. She can't even delete his post even if he insult the Hindi people but ready to delete which does not go personally to her.

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    Let me discuss with the LE of the Forum section about this thread. I am temporarily locking this thread.

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    I located the earlier thread: Do you welcome State and Parliament polls at the same time? and since there was a detailed discussion on it at that time, this thread should not have been raised. Since responses had come in here, the thread has not been deleted.

    Jeet - give it a rest, will you! Stop getting on your high horse repeatedly. I deal with things as per my availability schedule here. You could simply have provided the URL of the earlier thread and another editor would have checked it out and dealt with it even if I was not online. So kindly stop this constant haranguing of the ME and the very obvious one-on-one personal enmity. I never had and never will have anything personal against you or any other member. Why would I? I care about everyone.

    To put it bluntly: Your attitude is getting downright obnoxious.

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