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    Is there any guarantee for a good dream if we have a "Dream Catcher" at our bedrooms ?

    Every one would go to the sleep after so much hard work in the day, and during the nights, dream do make their way to our minds and some time we are taken to the fantasy world, and many a time we remain a dreamer and not the achiever. But there are people who have the " dream catcher" hoop dangling in their bedrooms which according to them would bring good dreams . But what I feel that dreams are the sequence of events which we have experienced in the present life and not achieved and certainly we would be yearning to grab it. What is your say ?

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    Dreams may be of many types and they are due to different reasons. Generally, when we go to bed we are thinking about some point or other and slowly we will go into the sleep. Sometimes we may get a dream related to that task. Sometimes past incidents will be coming it our dreams. Sometimes very absurd incidents will be coming in the dreams which are not possible humanly. So we can't say anything on this issue.
    We may be thinking of a certain issue and we may not be getting a solution for that problem. The dreams may show some answer to those problems. What always we think of achieving may be reflecting in our dreams. Dream Catcher may prevent horrible and fearful dreams, that is the general belief for some people.
    But these are not very famous in our country. In our country many people believe by having some KumKum or oodi on our forehead before going to sleep may stop bad dreams.

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