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    Why so much repetition of issues in Forum section?

    Forum section of ISC is very interesting. It is very vibrant. This section is known for new ideas, information, new concepts and fierce debates. In the Forum section, the Editors and the Members hold new and innovative contests. In this section, some social problems are discussed threadbare. Achievements of the country and Indians are discussed. Successful people and organisations in various fields are congratulated.

    There should not be any dearth of issues for discussion in the Forum section. But, of late, I have been noticing that same/similar issues are discussed again and again. For example, during last three-four months, I have seen at least three-four threads on simultaneous holding of Assembly and Parliament (Lok Sabha) elections.

    Why is this happening? Is there any dearth of issues to be discussed in this section?
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    When some hot topics are trending in the electronic media and those members who watch such news and ignorant of the fact that the same topic was already discussed, but wont mind to raise again the same issue. There is nothing wrong to raise the issue again, but it could be done with different angle to which our members are not accustomed. Since there is no restriction for any member to post the message here, they do repeat threads out of knowingly or out of ignorance. Nevertheless the editors are having complete control over the forum and unwanted threads are forthwith stopped from trending.
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    Often the matter is chosen when this is of interest to the author or concerned to the current hot topic. Other than cricket the political issues keep us united all the times & so better to ignore if it's not of any interest to us. The same had been the case with the GST & the demonetization. Few always having the problem with these two topics but when I raised the separate thread on these then I couldn't get the replies on that. But to the very fact that those again will point out on these saying that those were the failure of the PM Modi government & that the common people had suffered a lot because of these & so on. We can't help on to this other than to chill out & enjoy.

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    It is true. We are finding some topics are getting repetitive but with a different approach. Many threads on demonetization, GST, centre-state relations and coming election are seen. If some other topics are posted there is no much response but these topics are attracting much response. That may be the reason many threads are coming on this topics, I think.
    But the Editors are always there to see and lock or delete such threads. If they have not done that means they are not considered as duplicate posts. The subject may be very big and one thread may not be sufficient to bring all the matters completely. That may be a reason for repetition.
    Anyhow it is good if we have different threads on different subjects so that our knowledge will enhance in other lines also.

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    People are generally involved in the current issues so much that they get ideas only related to those matters. In fact there are innumerable issues in the society and in this world which require attention and serous discussions but we are carried away with the politics, sports and current events.

    That is the reason why a thread even slightly away from the main stream gets the attention of the members and sometimes takes the discussions to a healthy and knowledgeable state. I have observed that some members are very selective in responding to the threads and do not miss opportunity to respond to the novel ones.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Repetition of thread are common because members (including myself) fail to check what has been posted in the recent few days, we genuinely cannot remember every thread that we read. Also, the threads keep getting pushed back with every recent response to any thread by any member and out of sight becomes out of mind.

    Without sounding harsh, I personally feel that there is a paucity of topics to be discussed and hence the quality of threads have also come down. If you just look at the number of thread deleted, there are around 18 since 20th June, less than a week! Many threads are inviting a lock even before it is a few days old.

    I'm sure this will pass, with fresh ideas from ISCians and new members.

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