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    Do you listen to our PM Modi on "Mann ki baat" program aired by All India Radio ?

    Our Prime Minister Narneder Modi has been making full use of communication network and often he comes live on " Mann ki Baat " program through which the recent achievements gone through by the country was well remembered and appreciated. What I like his reference to the Indian Cricket team which one the match against the Afghan team and at the trophy giving ceremony, the Indian team captain asked Afghan team also to pose for photo. " That was the good example of sportsmanship" -PM Modi congratulated the Indian team for that great spirit. These kind of mentions we cannot get even in social media ?
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    No... No....No...not at all. There is no radio set and Where is time to tune into All India Radio? Such Man ki baath from the PM should be telecast regularly once in a month, preferably on Saturday or Sunday on all the TV channels.
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    @SuN, we are living in a fast-paced 140-character world. We have smartphones to make our life easy. Nevertheless, I'm inclined to agree with you. This 'Maan Ki Baat' must be telecast once a year. What a waste of time.

    @K Mohan, I have never listened to this program. After learning that, he promised to youths about employment but in the recent interview Our PM is talking about pakora Stalls as an example of employment given by him.

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    Dear John,
    Once in a year will be a too long gap. If not a month, it could be once in a quarter or once in a half year. The PM should be visible to all Indians through the Television. If it is to be aired through AIR, anyone who has the voice of PM can be manipulated to deliver a speech over AIR as he is always busy in foreign tours.

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    As far as I know, the program is also telecasted on local TV channels. But it is to be verified. This is what I was told by someone.
    The talk of the Prime Minister is very interesting and he will try to touch upon various important points. Anyhow if it is once a month from all the TV government Channels the coverage will be very high and they can start direct interaction with the audience like a live program which will be good for the public also. They will have the happiness of talking to The Prime Minister of India.

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    If you have cell phone and down load Namo app through which every activity of the PM Modi would be known to you and also special broadcast like Mann ki Baat.
    K Mohan
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    Although I don't listen to the "Mann ki baat" but I appreciate the PM Modi for executing the best possible opportunity in order to reach to the most common citizen of our country. Believe that even in the current trend of streaming videos in the internet the PM of India have taken a pleasure & invented this platform to share his views. Hope so that no one would have thought of this but PM Modi is unexpected this time also. To the fact that only few of the sections that I have listened to so far & I really I appreciate him for his simplicity & new ideas for communication with others.

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    Many leaders thinks that appearing on television is great, but radio is the best communication way to reach every corner of the country as even villagers are listening.
    K Mohan
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