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    Can girls dress up like boys so often?

    I have seen a new trend in so many urban and metro families. Girl children, as young as six years, dress up more like the boys. For example, their hair cut is almost like boys. They always wear jeans and imitate their brothers in almost everything. The fathers dote on such girls, and if the mother tries to intervene, they are silenced by both the girl and the father.

    The merry go round goes on and on. The girl does not learn even basic manners. Even those who are fifteen years old, bluntly refuse any traditional dress, even if they happen to visit a temple.

    Is this trend a nice thing? Will this bring out the best in girls? Should we not give some importance to cultural aspects, which are vital to our Indian society?
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    As mentioned in the thread, dressed of children are, very often, based on the tastes of parents. Among the parents either father or mother may be decision maker. It depends on the character and role in the family. Children start choosing their dress only after certain age, especially when they start mingling with friends. These days there is a major role for visual media, like TV, cinema, smart phone and others. Children come across several fashionable dress patterns in these media. Advertisements also play a major role.
    Regarding the role of cultural background also there is mention. It is true that for each religion or caste has its own dressing patterns for special occasions and for visiting their worship places. In most of the cases the dress specifications are applicable to youths and grown-ups. In the case of children no such restrictions are there as far as I know.
    It is the fashion designers who make dresses for both girls and boys. They experiment on these. A mixing of both types of dresses are also made and marketed by them. Hence, very often girls buy the dresses seeing the models, perhaps the model may be a boy friend. Further, children's fashions are short lived.


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    It is very true that people have their own dress code based on the society they belong to. Due to large scale urbanisation and also effect of western culture the sense of dress code is taking up new dimensions. Even some of the aged ladies are wearing western dresses which was earlier not seen or rather say banned b their elders.

    The elders are also not very particular about the dress of the children even in the times of religious functions. So things are not as strict as they used to be in past. The is a perceptible change in the society and coming days will decide whether the pattern is finally leading to a unisex dress code.

    Fashion and marketing gimmicks of the business houses is also helping in this trend of dresses and with more urbanisation taking place things are going to change a lot.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The dressing of small kid will be done by her parents only. Initially, whether it is a boy or girl they won't have any say. Only parents will decide on the dress. These days we two our one concept is followed by many. So they may have only one child. so they want to dress up the baby in different ways and feel happy. So sometimes a baby male may be getting dressed up like a baby girl and a baby girl may be dressing up as a baby boy.
    These days there is no much difference between the dresses of girls and boys. Many girls we see in jeans and T-shirts. They feel more comfortable in those dresses. These days married young females, especially in urban areas, are using these dresses only for commuting. So when the mothers are getting dresses like that, the children will automatically come to that side only.
    But we should not discuss this subject as every human being has a right to wear the dress as he /she likes. Somebody may question the author why ladies should wear these dresses? It is individuals choice.

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    Please grow up and stop connecting "culture' in each and everything about women/girls.

    How long will you keep controlling women? Gone are those days man, we are in 2018. Had Marry Kom father has thought about this as the thread says, we would not have got the champion in women boxing. Had the same thinking Sindhu and Saina father had, we would not have the world champion in Badminton.

    I mean to say, let them have their own world, let them have what they like and dislike. If girls will wear the Jeans, the world will not be going to end! We should be more open in our mind than of such useless opinion.

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