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    Will simply banning plastic and polythene solve the problem of environmental degradation?

    We are using plastic and polythene in various ways ranging from garbage bags to table covers. Disposable plastic boxes and bags are used in food and other products by home delivery shops. We are getting lot of plastic as covers of milk sachets, covers of petty items and other products and do not know what to do with them. We use them for miscellaneous purposes for a while and then simply through them in the garbage.

    Govt brings time to time legislation, rules and regulations to ban this evil in society but it comes back in new forms equally harmful to our environment. Govt is even forced to exempt the milk suppliers or bottled mineral water manufacturers from this ban as there is no alternative seen for these large scale business operations.

    The garbage collection and its disposal in an environment friendly way seems to be a distant dream as we do not have much business interest or entrepreneurship in that area. Recycling and converting the garbage to other acceptable form has also not picked up and we are standing at the cross road and do to know our destination.

    Do you also feel that simply banning these items will not help in achieving the main purpose until we have good infrastructure to dispose this particular type of garbage and if alternative solutions are there to replace these disposables, stop these things being manufactured at the factory level itself.

    What is your opinion in this issue?
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    Making a rule will not be of any use if it is not implemented fully. During my childhood days, we used to carry a cloth bag to purchase vegetables and other items. Slowly the sellers started giving carry bags to attract customers to their shops. Slowly this habit has gone to vegetable markets also. Now all people will go with empty hands and purchase vegetables in plastic carry bags only. This has become a practice.
    So the mindset of the people has to change. they should have concern for the environment and should think of future generations also. Then only anything is possible. The government has banned smoking in public places. But how many people are implementing that? The people take lightly and they smoke everywhere.
    So making a rule is of no use. We have to educate the public about the problems and threats one has to face if they use plastic and they should get convinced. Then only the rules will get implemented.

    always confident

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    The implementation of these rules will be automatically there if we can find ways and means to recycle these materials in something useful or convert it in other forms which is not detrimental to the ecology.

    The main point is segregation of the disposables before they are mixed in the garbage. Once things are in garbage no one will like to segregate them as it will be in a very bad state giving foul smell and no volunteer will like to go there.

    So one solution which comes in mind is large scale community participation along with some business entrepreneurs backed by Govt schemes or subsidies who can collect these items from the households and block their mixing with the other compostable wastes.

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    By banning the plastics, at least we get habituated to use the paper bags and cloth bags and slowly the word plastic would be totally forgotten by man kind. But what I feel that government is playing double game here. On the one side it seeks for not using of plastics and on the other hand it gives permission to manufacture polythene bags of thick gsm and so on. That means the plastic Industries are going to thrive with thickness as their mantra and on the other hand government is forcing us to get rid of plastics. What a double standard. So we must pressurize the government on this matter.
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