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    Public Schools in Kerala have started attracting more students.

    The report announced by the Director of Public Instructions, Kerala, shows that there is a noticeable change in the trend of students' admission to schools. Earlier there was a rush to get admission in private schools. But from last year onwards the change became noticeable. Last year 1,45,208 students opted for the Govt. or Govt. aided schools. This year it is 1,85,971 students. The main reason for this attraction is the Government's action to improve the physical facilities in such schools. Several of the classrooms of Govt. and Govt.aided schools have been converted into smart classrooms with computer and projection facilities. Rooms have been made attractive with tiled floors and necessary electrical fittings. Teachers are also paying more attention to imparting knowledge by taking the students individually into confidence and they are also given special training during the summer holidays.
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    It is noticed in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also. There are more people coming and joining in government schools. There may be many reasons. In the rural areas, this may be due to midmeal programme in schools. My cousin sister is a school teacher. She says attendance has improved when they started this scheme and the teachers are also taking more interest in students and trying to teach them with great care. The schools also are getting equipped with digital facilities to have better teaching. All these put together I think people are getting attracted to these schools. It may further improve if all the educated people start sending their children to these schools and start monitoring the progress of the child and start interacting with the school teachers.
    Even in government schools some teachers are staying extra hours and asking the students who have any doubts and making them study extra hours in the school without any additional charges. This is another reason for this increase in admissions in government schools.

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    You are right, Dr. Rao. In Kerala also the mid day meals are a major attraction for the lower class and even middle class families. In certain schools even breakfast is also served. Additionally the teachers are also giving special attention in introducing extra
    curricular activities, which help improve the GK of students. All these are reasons for attracting students to these schools.
    In addition to all these another major reason generally said is the high fees charged by the Private schools.


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    Nowadays a large number of facilities are available in government school to improve that help to improve rate of admission in government school . In Jharkhand I mentioned few facilities as below.
    Mid Day Meals
    Free Books, Dresses, School Kids like copies, pens , bag, shoes etc
    No admission fee or any hidden charge
    Free bicycle for Upper Middle Class

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    This is happening everywhere. Thanks to the ever increasing fees and donations sought by the private schools. the people are fed up with show put up school managements and when it comes to studies, they are noticing nothing and thus opting for government schools. In fact the Telangana government has taken the issue seriously and making the teachers responsible for students studying and their performance in the government schools. So there is considerable demand for government school seats this year and the government is thinking of having two shifts to cater to the needs.
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