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    Are we giving our children a break from the rat race?

    A few days ago, I was aghast when the parents of an eighth standard child simply reprimanded him for being lazy and not getting the first rank in his class. A very bright student, the boy had scored 96 percent in his mathematics examination and was feeling sorry for it. But the verbal bashing made things even worse.

    After about two hours, when the boy was back in action, playing with his friends, the father called him and warned him to get back to studies, even when the time was just 6 PM. The child was naturally not happy and he said that he wanted to play a little more. He then reminded his father about his promised trip to the Kutralam falls. (this is a lovely place to Visit in late June or early July, and this is around 600 kilometers from Chennai, an overnight journey by train).

    The father merely said that there will be no trip till he gets back to the first rank!!

    Though I did not pick up any conversation with the otherwise enlightened bank official ( a senior manager of a leading Nationalized bank), I was just pondering. Are we not being too harsh with our children? It later transpired that the child wanted a break only on a Sunday,

    Such conversations are so common in gated communities. Where are we going?
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    The intense pressure of competition & continuous working has resulted with the coming out of more cases of psychological stress along with hidden diseases like the depression which in the initial stages doesn't show any signs. So far this has been seen in the developed nations but slowly this seemed occupying in the Indian scenario as well. I too have been evident of the suicidal attempts by the student as they couldn't manage to get the good marks. It is sad that few of them couldn't get saved. This is the harsh reality of life because we live in a situation of do or die & even in that case we have little choices left to go ahead with.

    The parents must come up with an understanding with their children. They must develop the relation of a friend & try to be open with them as far as possible & not to incur undue pressure on them as this can damage their intellect permanently.

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    See parents are equally stressed and equally pressurized as they are bound to give good education to the child and he or she must perform above the others . Now a days in a class of forty at least 10 students are getting 96 percent to 98 percent or more and every parent wants his child to be in top ten and top three. If the child gets less marks even in one subject , his rank gets disturbed and thus relegated to back ranks and that irks the parents. Now a days merely scoring 80 to 90 percent marks has become easy but scoring 98 percent and above is the expectations of the school, college and the parents.
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    My personal opinion is we should not pressurise so much on the children to get the first rank. Everbody can't be of the first rank. What we should see is the child is not wasting his time and he is trying his best. We can't force him to study 24X7. They require some time for games also. That the parents should understand. Otherwise, the children will get tension and they can't perform at their highest level. We should motivate him and give him good support. Even though you force him to study when he is not having interest in studying is of no use.
    But these days parents are becoming very greedy about their children's education and they are having very high expectations for them. This trend is more in employees families.

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