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    Why my response edited and some part deleted?

    My response #640153 in this thread 'Be an informer, earn in crores' is edited and some part deliberately deleted.
    If anybody is having difficulty in understanding my response, please keep off from my thread.
    I want explanation to continue my participation in this forum.
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    Except the author or the forum editor, none can open your thread and edit it, Please wait for the forum editor to respond and what made to edit your response to that particular thread mentioned.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Neeraj, part of your response was deleted because you had quoted a response by ABSivakumar which itself was deleted with minus points. Hope you are clear now.

    And please maintain your cool. There is no reason to get so much perturbed.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Mr.AB Sivakumar's response was not deleted while I made a response; moreover, I found AB Sivakumar response was excellent and very much appropriate to this thread. I want a responsible person's, MEs interference in this issue.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    My response #640219 is again edited.
    Please do not try to irritate me. I am sick with this behavior.

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    I am not in top 20 list, you can freely put -25 point. :)

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    Sometimes Editors will edit the responses for some reasons. As members, we may like or may not like but it is to be accepted. So I request the author not to get upset too much. It is all in the game. As an individual, you may be feeling you are correct. But when we are in a group we have to go as one of all. Even in our profession, we may be facing this kind of situation. We have to take it easy and march forward. If you feel that my advice is not in line with your thoughts just ignore my post.
    always confident

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    Dr Rao
    I respect you.
    I can't agree with your response.
    I saw a response in a thread and I found it interesting. Then I posted my response. The concerned response was deleted due to some reason which I do not kow,I do not want to know also. Then why my response is deleted? Where is that rule prescribed in forum guidelines? If I am wrong I am ready to accept. I will not allow the person who is having difficulty in understanding the thread, to ride on my response.

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    Thank You, Neeraj for expressing your feeling very clearly. please go ahead.
    always confident

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    We may be wronged knowingly or unknowingly but our choice of words can make things better or worse. An accusatory tone, challenging questions all would invite further editing by the forum editors.

    Our presence, participation in ISC is purely by our own will, nobody will insist on our participation, on the other hand, we may be suspended for gross violation of rules repeatedly.

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    The author is talking about his problem. It is nothing about whether he has done something wrong knowingly or unknowingly. If anyone has some problem and do not understand, he should get the reply properly and without taunting.

    We know that editors are having the power to edit or delete the post but that does not mean that one should deprived of his query. Members, should think from a member point of view before that support anyone.

    "An accusatory tone, challenging questions all would invite further editing by the forum editors."

    Its ok to blame a member for their tone, what about editors tone? No one talk about it because all they want to show their "goodwill" and their honest image.

    Here in this thread the way editor has replied to the author, is the tone is ok? Is not looking it taunting? I have said this and my post was deleted. Why so? If people are concern about members tone, can't it apply for editors too?

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    Stay cool. The reason for editing the part of your response was explained politely by the LE of Forum section himself. Even then you are tempted to pass derogatory comments and your tone and tenor are not appreciated. I am locking this thread.


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