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    What is the cost of a rubber like mask?

    How nice of her?

    I don't believe this. My Aunt brought me a yellow colored mask for me. I wonder, why should she have gone to search for that for me? I haven't done anything good to her. I felt embarrassed since I'm constantly receiving things from her and others. I have not been able to give much. I'm touched by her thoughtfulness. Are human beings so nice? I asked myself. This can't be sin.

    She was worried that I would get sick with paint fumes. I have to admit, that happens but extra penny is good. It really helps during emergencies when I have no job. I didn't know that there are mask like that. It's a rubber like mask. Not the one which I saw nurses wearing in the hospital when Dad was hospitalized.

    Any idea how much it would cost? I wish I could pay the cost to her. I wonder from where she brought it because I should be able to buy another if needed, provided I can afford it.

    I hope it is not too expensive.
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    First of say thanks to your aunt for caring so much concern about yourself and her gift of rubber mask is something great as it is very much useful to your profession daily. By the way when someone gifted you something, we should not degrade them by paying back and that amounts to insult and they get hurt. Instead find out what she likes and what she wants which she is not getting. Search for such item and gift her in return. I bet she would feel very happy and would be ever caring towards you. As far as the cost of rubber mask is concerned I am not aware of it nor purchased previously.
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    A gift received from somebody will never be counted on the cost of the item. It should be seen as an affection she/he had for us. We can send them back a gift on any occasion so that we show our reciprocation. The cost is not the criteria.
    Coming to face mask, there are of many types. The cost will vary based on the make, mark and other details. But many of the face masks are not very costly and they are affordable. You can purchase one for you if required.

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    If possible then pl., upload the photo or else go on searching with the online sellers & possibly you might get that. But for sure the commodity wouldn't be of that much cost & so don't get intensified with this. By the way you seems to be lucky that you are with such a person who takes care of you. I would request you to not to think on the monetary terms but look at the other side of qualitative jobs if you are looking for extending your helping hands onto her.

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