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    Why many flowers are not in green colour.

    We see green clour plants and trees. All plants and trees will have green leaves only. Once the green colour goes the leaves will be shed by the tree. They are dead weight to the tree. But Flowers are in different colours. Some flowers are in white colour. Some are in red and yellow. But we see very rarely green colour flowers.
    Leaves will make food for the tree. The Chlorophyll is there in the leaves which will have green pigment. This will give the leaves the green colour. The function of the flowers is different. They are required for productivity and they have to attract insects for the reproduction. So they are required to be attractive and stand apart from the leaves. If flowers are also green the insects may not get attracted towards the flower because identifying them may be difficult. That may be the reason many flowers are not in green. Do you agree?
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    What I understand that green color is the formation of any leaf and fruit or even flower and then it changes to its original color and the greenery due to presence of chlorophyll for the initial stage.
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    The purpose of leaves is photosynthesis and in this work chlorophyll is required which is available in the leaves and gives it the characteristic green colour.

    Flowers are meant for pollination and reproduction and are found in different colours to attract the insects and bees who carry pollens from one flower to other.

    The plants are evolved to present state due to their survival strategy and colours of flowers are one of the natural tools in this pursuit.

    Nature has devised miraculous ways of survival to the different species of flora and fauna on this Earth.

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    Exactly! A beautiful observation and explanations. Flowers mainly depend on insects to pollinate. Insects find food predominantly through sight. So flowers have to be attractive to insects.
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    Dr. Rao,
    I agree with you. It is the nature that has provided colourful flowers for the insects to get attracted for the pollination. Things like Thulsi, Marikolunthu which are green in colour are used to make garlands along with colourful flowers. It adds beauty to the garland called Kathambam.(Mixed flowers) worn by ladies.

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    The flowers and leaves have different purpose. It is just like our different organs, each having different shape. Thepurpose is different. For pollination to happen the flowers have to attract the polling agents like bees, butterflies etc. That is achieved by the colour and smell of the flowers. Hence each plant or tree has different coloured and different smelling flowers. The nocturnal insects are attracted by white flowers with their sharp smell. Eg Jasmine or Rath Rani.

    If the flowers are also green then the poling agents cannot differentiate between leaves and flowers by colour.

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    Just now seen the thread. The answer is simple. Flower is generally not green because it does not contain chlorophyll. Mainly the leaves contain chlorophyll and so it is considered the kitchen of the tree and plants. In the leaves (stomata), food of plants and trees is prepared using chlorophyll and sunlight.
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