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    Worshipping as enemy

    At the very outset, let me admit that my knowledge of Hinduism is very limited. But in spite of that, I know that there is a concept in Hinduism where the God is worshipped as the enemy. As for example, in the Ramayana, Ravana used to worship Lord Rama as an enemy.

    In present-day India, I have noticed similar trend has again emerged. Many people are worshipping the ruling party and the Prime Minister as the enemy. Even where there is no question of politics or governance, these people bring the ruling BJP and the Prime Minister in the picture and criticize the party or the Prime Minister.

    Even in ISC, I am witnessing this tendency. I am giving an example. Yesterday I raised a simple thread on the scheme of CBDT regarding awarding a person who furnishes information about benami properties or black money in foreign countries (Be an informer, earn in crores!). I never praised or criticized any political party or leader in this thread. It was simply an awareness/informative thread.

    Even in this simple thread, two Members including an Editor brought political parties in discussion and criticized BJP.

    Isn't it an example of worshipping the ruling party as the enemy? Just asking.
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    Nice observation from the author. Though we agree or not, there is a hatred feeling against the present central government and that is seen in electronic media, print media, social media and in ISC too. Yes there can be difference of opinion on the leaders and its policies and that should not be at the cost of linking anything and every thing to the failure and be taken personally against the PM Modi. That is why he said at a interview that he was habituated to taunts and criticism and has become a daily walk of life. But one thing is sure, the more he disliked and he becomes tall and wanting.
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    It is natural to have jealousy when somebody is getting fame and name. Some people take it positively and try to work hard and see that they will overtake the other person. But some people instead of taking positively they act negatively. They try to make the other person unpopular by criticising him for each and everything. This is definitely a blessing in disguise for the person whom these people are trying to criticise. These people making the public to remember the famous man's name which will make them think and act accordingly. That will be an advantage to the man.
    It very often happens in politics between the ruling party and opposition parties. Whoever is there in opposition want to come to power by criticising the current leader and making promises to do many things when they come to power. We need not take that seriously and in fact, we should be happy because it will add up to the value of the individual.

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    Since a reference has been made to my response to the thread under reference, I think it is incumbent on me to set the facts right.

    First of all, the author had raised the thread about CBDT notification without stating the fact that it is an annual procedure and was stated as if it is a new initiative by the center. The thread starts with the words "No, I am not joking. It is not a fraud scheme. Rather this has been announced by the Central Government. Be an informer and earn in crores." And one need not be told that the center is being ruled by the BJP led alliance. So, though the author has not praised or criticized any political party or leader directly, drawing an inference does not appear to be wrong.

    It was in that context that I put up my response expressing my doubt about the possible execution of the order and in doing so I did mention about the inaction on the part of the present government at the center (I too did not mention any party or leader) in the existing corruption cases. My response did evoke the right (expected) reaction and the author himself brought out that it was not a new scheme and is an annual procedure by the CBDT. Why was it not mentioned so in the thread itself?

    So, what do we conclude? Let us be clear with facts and it would be better to be direct rather than making veiled references.

    And why this separate thread when the author could have registered his apprehension or objection in the thread under reference itself?

    I have made myself clear for the information of all the members who have been following the thread under reference as also this thread and would not like to explain any further (there being no necessity).

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    1. In the previous thread, first sentence of Para 2 states: "Last week, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has announced the Benami Transactions Informants Reward Scheme, 2018."--------Any person with common sense can understand that this scheme comes every year, only the award amount changes.

    2. I raised that thread to make the Members aware about the schme of CBDT. As it is only an official notification, I didn't mention the name of any Minister, because there was no need. I never said that any Minister or ruling party brought this schme.

    3. Why didn't I raise objection in that thread itself? Simply because I don't want to get that thread diverted. I wanted that the Members should discuss the details of the scheme only in that thread. But no Member (except one) has sought any detail of the scheme.

    I welcome this trend of worshipping as enemy.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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