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    Do you feel ashamed or insecure when you are amidst well educated or well earning persons ?

    It is the practice and also the happening in every day life that peer groups identify themselves and they have their own place to occupy and enjoy the proceedings either at a function, program or even marriages. Certainly that group would have all the cream de la cream members drawn from good educated families, they would be earning handsome salaries too. And those who are less qualified and less earning, they feel like suffocating when they are amidst this cream group. What is your experience in such situation ?
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    The author has pointed out a very interesting but important social phenomenon of segregation of people in a function based on their education and financial status.

    I think it is an inherent and natural trait which drives people to behave in such a polarised attitude.

    Let us examine ourselves. Are we not more comfortable and cosy with people of our standards rather then the poorer of the lot? If yes, the rich and highly educated are also doing same thing.

    Every one wants to be recognised in the society and that comes with only when one is above in the ladder whether it is show world or the area of education or business or high Govt post or belonging to a rich family.

    When we enter a big gathering, we will generally be greeted by the people based on our status and if no one is talking to us or we have to start the conversation with everyone then it is very clear that we are the odd lot there and in such situation a feeling of dejection and inferiority complex has to arise.

    It is human to feel hurted. Though some people are very prudent and patient and accept that they are the poorer lot and do not mind the whims and fancies of higher class and come back without being hurt or affected. Such people are few in the world and they will not ignore the less educated or poor people just because of that.

    It may be difficult but let us try to become the latter type of personality.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Why should we ashamed and feel inferior? We have our strong points and they have their strong points. We need not think that we are less in stature when compared to them. We should respect ourselves. If somebody gets a feeling that he is inferior and the other person is superior to him, he should try why the difference and how to bring down the difference and work for that. Then we will have the competition and we will try to excel.
    Definitely, we will be comfortable with people who are less educated and less rich than us. But the other person may think as if he is not fit in there. It is our responsibility to make them feel at home with us. This is actually what we should do. Similarly, when we are in the group where people are more qualified and rich we need not think about the difference but we should try to see what are the similarities. once you start doing that you will become more comfortable. When a chance comes in such groups we should show our talent and make the others also to understand our capabilities.

    always confident

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    I do feel that being "ashamed" doesn't seems to be the proper word but instead being "hesitant", would be more appropriate for the occasion because the word is more negative in its terminology.

    The human behavior tends to be different in different occasions & it's no denying the fact that what the author has put this is in the right perspective. There is a sense of natural reactions coming from within us, often these reactions may get observed by others depending upon their expertise & the level of maturity. Although, this is natural in all of us but most of the experts have come over this through practice & this is what we call being confident while removing their shortcomings during a span of time. Once the same was with me but now I have been able to control this to a greater extent but we can't completely be devoid of this.

    In an example, the employee may feel a sense of uncomfortableness when faced by his employer. This is the practical scenario of my life.

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    I never felt ashamed to be with or around learned people. I have learned a lot by interacting with learned and educated people. In fact I do not feel uncomfortable at all when I see people with very good knowledge and education. I take it as an opportunity to learn and enhance my knowledge.

    Actually I yearn for such people who are not showy but broadminded. I feel uncomfortable to be with or around those who gossip and belittle others.

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    I never felt ashamed in front of well-educated persons, but sometime I have been awe-struck by the sheer depth of knowledge possessed by some of them. I did not bother much about rich people, I never compared myself with anyone. I have never tried to compete with any rich man or woman till now.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I, personally never felt 'ashamed' when happened to be among well educated and well earning. May be I happen to be somewhat a person belonging to that category. Even otherwise I will not feel ashamed. I may feel misfit for the group. At the same time there will be a few more persons of this category, who can join together and spend time chatting.
    Friendship formation will not always be based on financial or educational status. Middle class or lower category people will be better friends, as far as my experience goes. Others may keep friendship but only expectings something back.


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