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    Cities on Ocean Waters

    We all construct our houses on earth. The population is increasing slowly the man started expanding the construction towards the sky. Apartments started and came into popularity. Still, the place available is becoming a constraint and all fields are also being converted into cities and houses. It is not a welcome feature. But how to fulfil the necessity of house to all mankind. The Scientists and construction specialists started thinking to solve this problem. They made programmes to construct cities on waters. As an experiment, they initiated the construction of houses on waters at Polynesia Islands. This city is going into existence within another two years. It will be nice to see the city floating on water.
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    Yes in future the shortage of lands would force the people to occupy the part of ocean lands to develop. Already in India , and at Mumbai Backbay Reclamation is done by such process as the ocean land is being taken for the housing and infrastructure. But going for real estate investments in the properties being constructed on the ocean is walking on the razor edge, as in the event of cyclone the worst effected would be the constructions taken up at the shores. And even floating restaurants would be great risk. I do not know how the engineers and scientists are convinced on this risk factors.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't believe this & at the same time this doesn't look convincing about what we are up to or everything would be sacrificed for the sake of us.

    The world population is increasing like a chain reaction & we are not in any way to control this. It does seem to be that everything is moving around money & leisure. One man goes on with his life for acquiring more & after his death this being carried forwarded by his next generation. Can't we just live with the nature without creating any damages to it?

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