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    Who is as honest as Nitish Kumar and his deputy?

    Just a couple of days ago, when chatting with a group of MBAs from all over India, one of them remarked that Nitish Kumar is possibly the most honest politician of modern India. That he changed track and made peace with the BJP was not liked by many, but very single person was simply praising him to the skies.

    The debate then was this; who is as honest as Nitish Kumar, and Mr Sushil Modi? The students were not sure, as there were no names.

    Who is the tallest? If Mr Nitish Kumar makes peace with the Congress, can he be projected as future Prime Minister? This was another question that was not left unanswered, as there were too many opinions. It was also too good to know that Mr Nitish Kumar is giving maximum importance to education.

    Members may please give their views. This is also the discussion in so many colleges. We do not have accurate information in this regard.
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    I think we are discussing two separate things here which in the first place who being the most honest among the CM Nitish & Deputy CM Sushil Modi & in the second place who else could be in the competition with PM Modi for next PM candidates. The author is requested to pl. correct me if I am wrong.

    About being the most honest politician in India, I would refer to the biggest of the names with the BJP & its alliance party. What about the PM Modi himself or the Sushma Swaraj or the Smriti Irani or the Nitin Gadkari. The list can be long here but keep this simple. The another query of being the tallest candidate for the PM post, I would again be standing with the PM Modi as the only option left for us today. If anyone else be with the comedians then I can't help. I openly am referring this to the Congress president Rahul Gandhi. In addition, the politics is a game of numbers & as Nitish Kumar is fighting from one state only & so wouldn't be come up with sufficient numbers to prove his worth for the PM candidate.

    Do we have learned from the Karnataka assembly or from the J&K assembly or we just have decided to popup whenever there is going smooth or have we calculated the consequences if twenty different political parties come up & form the government?

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    For that matter no politician is honest and going. Every one changes their attitude at the time demands and may be Nitish Kumar is patiently waiting for that moment. And who will become the next PM is again a awkward question as if the present PM is going to retire from the politics. Please note that BJP is silently working on strengthening their base across the country and Modi will be re elected again. As of now even Nitish Kumar cannot stand against Modi, even if he leaves from NDA, friends with UPA and even supported by the so called third front. So all these are just imagination only that some one else would become as PM.
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    Nitish Kumar is an honest politician. His deputy is also honest. But they are not the only honest politicians. We can find many other Politicians who are presently in the central government are also honest. There are no scams involving them these days. Many will accept that Modi is leading a team in which almost all the ministers are working honestly and not involved in any scam. Mr Asohk Gajapathi Raju the Ex. Aviation Minister in the centre is a clean and honest politician who never involved so far in any controversies.
    Coming to the point of Nitish Kumar is a strong candidate against Modi, I have my own thoughts. In the present environment, no one except Modi is the most deserving candidate for the post of Prime Minister. I have no doubt about his getting elected as Prime Minister. The other parties with the support of Congress or without Congress may not be able to make any significant impact on this issue.

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    Before locking this thread, may I request the author to avoid discussions on monotonous and controversial topics and not to post threads as a matter of routine. The other day, the same discussion on corruption about two leaders from UP was taken up by the author. Better to come up with some good topics for discussing on this platform.

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