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    Which one were yours favorite cartoon character during your childhood days?

    Did you ever felt being nostalgic about the amazing cartoons that used to come on TV? If yes than what were yours favorite among them?

    During the times of late 80s & 90s, we had limited scope of entertainments. We used to have only the DD Channel & the timing was fixed during Sunday's. The time came when we just got shifted to color TV & were very much excited seeing the animations which was a kind of fantasy wherein everything was possible. I grew up watching many different cartoons, so I have a few favorites but can't just pick one & can count on Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny & Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse & Popeye. And you must be heard of the Pluto too.

    I do feel that I wouldn't be justifying them by naming a few because the list is long. But in the meantime I still go on watching the cartoon on the YouTube & whenever I saw this cartoon, I forgot about all my worries, stress etc.
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    I very rarely watch these cartoons and I have no idea much about the characters. But very frequently I hear the names of Tom and Jerry. Donald Duck etc. I watched only 2 or 3 times so far in my lifetime. Probably I may watch more now as my granddaughter may see these channels shortly.
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    When I was child , when I was young and now I am at 56, yet I am fond of Tom and Jerry cartoons which are most enjoyed as I always connect with the helplessness of Tom and the winning situation of Jerry. The way both outsmart one another and remain as victor every time no matter it goes through too much ordeals, the fun that goes around are worth watching and I always admired the creator of this great cartoons which eventually capture the likes of children to the elders and one wont get bored at all if even the same series is aired again and again on the cartoon channels.
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    In my childhood, my parents were dead against comics, because they used to think and still think that comic books harm young children as young children fond of comic books don't like to read books. So, we (the brothers and sister) used to read comic books when the parents were not in the vicinity.

    My favourite character was Phantom (in Bengali, Aranyadev) and in Bengali, Hada-Bhoda and Batul the Great. These Bengali cartoon characters are still very popular.

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    During my childhood days, there were no much chances to see magazines carrying cartoon characters. I remember certain magazines published aiming children, like Ambili ammaman (Chandamama) which contained one or two cartoon characters, which were attracting my attention. However, a little later when started reading news papers, certain characters attracted me. In Malayala manorama weekly there was a pair of child characters "Bobanum Molliyum" which attracted the attention of everybody. Similarly in 'Shankar's Weekly' also there were certain such characters. R.K.Laxman's character also got attention.

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    As Sri. Sankaran said, I also was habituated to the ' Bobanum Moliyum' funny cartoon strip.
    Howeverwhen I started reading Shanker's weekly I used to see a lot of cartoons.
    I also used to read a cartoon strip 'Bringing Up Father' in English newspaper. Then I was reading Tamil magazines and most of them had good funny cartoons.
    Of course Phantom and Mandrake the Magician wee the favourite comic books.

    I used to visit the local Public Library and there were many magazines coming from all over India and thus got to see and read a lot of cartoons by different cartoonists.

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    Well when it comes to cartoon, my generation is the luckiest. People born after 80s enjoyed tons of drawn and digitally animated cartoons. My favorite cartoon was Ben10. I still watch them. Nowadays I watch Japanese cartoons and believe me,they are nothing like western cartoons. When it comes to plot, nothing even comes close to anime (Japanese cartoons).
    I watch these a lot though I am twenty now.

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