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    Courses after higher secondary

    All of us have a question that "what should we need to do next after a higher secondary examination".
    But my answer is that there are several courses after higher secondary.If you are a brilliant and you does not need any job immediately, i recommend you to study degree courses.because it provide a high class level study in our society but it's job scope is too slow because we need to study an extra course after degree to get a medium level job.
    But there was trouble that you just need a medium level mark to get admission in govt collages.
    If you don't have medium level mark you just select an another courses like engineering,poly technical courses etc.
    If you like do jobs related to medical i recommend you to take courses like nersing , medicine ,para medical and there are many several courses.
    Then I finally don't follow anyone's way.we find our way
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    To the very fact that the time has changed a lot & this is also in context to the studies & courses after higher secondary education. Now the traditional ways of graduation doesn't remained an attractive to the new generation as these are no more helpful in earning much finance to their bank account. And so it's better to opt for anything which has been planned for long term & at the same time improve your skills. At this stage I would recommend to get you involved in the regular jobs like the banking & purchasing of home needs. This will keep you aware of the current trends as well as will boost your confidence while you are in public.

    The student must come across with the basics of computers including hands on ERP so as to keep filling the gaps for becoming the skilled individual. In the meantime there are numerous options of part time jobs wherein they can learn the live business transactions while the same time earning few bucks. In addition it's good to work in the areas of presentation & communication skills are much required along with any professional courses or degrees.

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    Higher Secondary education has now become the end of preliminary education. Earlier it was SSLC examination which gave a full stop for education in the case of many. Now since after Tenth there is plus 1 &2 automatically pupils go for that also. After that stops unless capacity is there for higher studies.
    If one opts to continue studies options are many, compared to earlier days. One needs real guidance in selecting the suitable courses for higher studies. That stage is very important in one's career. Of course there will be an important role for the taste of the person concerned. Anyway selection of ones career has become very tough these days because of different specialities available.


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    There are many factors which guide us to opt for which course to decide after completion of higher secondary. From the eighth class itself, a student can get an idea has to in which subject he going to be more interested and getting good marks. That will decide which course to take in future and also the parents guiding is also important because , it is the parents who are going to sponsor or spend for the future education. And as you cross the 10th exam , even the teachers would advise you which course will be suitable to you, based on your attention and ability to understand the core subjects. Accordingly many students gets fixed and pursue the higher education. Example my daughter was averse to maths and hence she was insisting and strive hard with science subjects and thus her concentration and perseverance has brought her MBBS seat.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After completing higher secondary or intermediate, there are many courses to select. After higher Secondary one can go for a graduation in Engineering, Graduate in various Sciences or medical courses. You can also go for teacher training. One can also opt for a diploma in engineering. In the same way, a nursing diploma can also be done. Like this, there are many channels. All depends on your interest and your eligibility. In Higher secondary in which subject you got the maximum marks and what is your favourite subject. Based on these two issues you can decide on the course. Again how many years you want to spend on education and how quick you want to start your career are also to be decided before you decide on the course you want to join.
    It is always advisable to review all the points and take a decision about higher studies for a better career. Any stream is OK as long as we are in the top slot to get settled in the life.

    always confident

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