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    The freedom struggle of India wasn’t fought alone.

    Don't you feel that few of the sacrifices were exaggerated while many others have been left in the darkness & are forgotten? If this is the fact then would you be interested into naming the exaggerated heroes & the forgotten heroes of our independence.

    To name a few the Bhagat Singh, the most influential revolutionaries of its time has no role after we got the independence & during Congress era. Along with Him, the Rajguru & the Sukhdev were also hanged by the Britisher for the common cause of freedom. If we consider the other similar incidences then the non-violence has actually been taken as a mistaken identity & the factor for our independence but instead this is the result of numerous sacrifices who didn't get the publicity. The sad part is that we still are selective in acknowledging those sacrifices.

    I ask the humble members to pl. come up with the ground realities & who can be blamed for this?
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    No doubt the freedom struggle was initiated and spear headed by Mahatma Gandhi with able support of scores of people from North to South. Like in companies when it performs well and post the profit, the credit goes to the management and obviously the owner. Like wise the Indian freedom struggle was fought from gulli level to national level, but the main person was always remembered and given lots of praise and accolades. From Tamil Nadu, Karnatka , AP and Kerala there were stalwarts who were working silently for the cause and they are simply mentioned as freedom fighters.
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    It is true. There are many unsung heroes. History has not mentioned them. So new generations don't know about them. There are many people who silently worked for the freedom and made so many sacrifices. But their names are not even known to the latest generation. Yes. Bhagat Singh is such one stalwart who struggled a lot and sacrificed his life for the country.
    After independence, the freedom fighters were given some lands for their livelihood. Many people were in jail for other reasons also during that period got benefitted by showing those records. But some people who sacrificed everything never claimed anything from the government. We should appreciate such people.
    Today we are living in an independent country due to the struggle and sacrifices those people made. We always should show our respects to all such people.

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    There are many unknown, unsung heroes of Indian freedom movement. Some of them saw independent India, but independent India didn't give them the respect they deserve. Our history books have been increasingly ignoring them to project four-five prominent leaders who had chosen the path of so-called non-violence.

    Occasionally, I raise threads and write articles on some of these unsung heroes, but I have grave doubt how many Members read those threads and articles.

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    What you say is right. Non-violence movement alone didn't achieve freedom. Freedom movement was a domino-effect. One thing kept leading to another and here we are living in a free India. But again, violence couldn't have achieved freedom on its own. Freedom was only achieved because everyone contributed their best. Writers wrote, singers sang, actors acted out and fighters fought. They all did their bit for the freedom.
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    Ved Prakash, hope you would agree when I say that if all those who participated in the freedom struggle were to be mentioned, no number of pages would suffice to cover that part of our History. Other than the national leaders, there were so many local leaders and workers who had put in their bit to ensure that the movement becomes a success and most of us may not even be aware of their contributions since they were not known at the national level. But go down to the records maintained by the different states or the Royal families of that time and you will find that their contributions have been recorded and they are remembered (locally at least) even to this day. People from all walks of life, irrespective of their caste, class or religion were part of the movement, but can we doubt as to who led the movement? I don't think we should be favoring any effort to undermine the magnetic leadership of the Mahatma in this connection. It is a known fact that violence could never have brought us the freedom we enjoy; it is the non-violence movement that could gather mass support and could finally force the British to take that decision to 'Quit India'.
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    Sir, I am in absolute agreement with this but few have thought to have their copy right is what painful for many of us.

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    "It is a known fact that violence could never have brought us the freedom we enjoy; it is the non-violence movement that could gather mass support and could finally force the British to take that decision to 'Quit India'."--------------------This response conclusively prove that the Member is not at all aware of the role of INA and naval mutiny in India's freedom movement. These two events rang the final death-bell of British empire. Earlier, I gave some reliable links on this issue.
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    After almost 70 years of our independence, no one would found to be alive who actively participated in the freedom struggle but few are still cashing on that is what the sad part of the whole story is. If I take an instance of myself than why the hell I shouldn't get the respect & mandate for any good deeds which I have offered to this country & as a responsible citizen that simply I never existed before 1947. What kind of theory is this being propagated by the so called the secular parties? Absolutely shameful & cheap on their conduct.

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    Partha Sir, this is the absolute truth that no one believed so far. The role of Mahatma Gandhi can't be denied when it comes to uniting India who made us fought as a one nation but the contributions from the institutions like the INA as well. But we hardly have taught of these & so we are not aware of their actions. The Subhash Chandra Bose & the revolutionary fighters like the Chandra Shekhar Azad & Bhagat Singh. Where are they & what happened to their families. Are they living or dead? Doesn't our nation also liable for their responsibilities as well as we are taking care of Gandhi family. I just finding myself lost of the words here but still what kind of bias attitude is this?

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    To achieve something great, we need a leader with many supporters. The people who sought the path of violence did not have any followers or supporters and failed miserably, but the leader who sought non-violence had the support of the whole nation. Hence Mahatma Gandhi and his supporters have been recognised as true freedom fighters.
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