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    Grandma story about a Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-law

    It is an old story which my Grandma used to narrate us.

    Once upon a time in a village, A man used to live with his mother and wife. After the man leaves for his job, they both MIL and DIL quarrel with each other. However, there was the big difference between the two in their action. While MIL shout at her which can be heard by all the surrounded neighbours but the DIL talk with her mute with her hand and face movement. Or even if she had to say something, she had to say her MIL very secretly so that no one could hear her voice even inside the house.

    This was the daily routine and the neighbours criticise the poor MIL as if she is the one who tortures her DIL, without knowing the fact that it was DIL who actually provoke her and torture her silently. But, no one knew exactly what DIL has the plan.

    One such day, the DIL announce that she wants to get separated from MIL because of her torture. All the neighbours supported DIL because of what they were seeing or hearing. Poor MIL had to live alone her life even though she was not the responsible for anything but it was made to look alike as if she is the real culprit.

    The lesson we get from this story is before blindly supporting or rejecting anyone or blaming anyone, we should know the real truth before we come to any conclusion of a situation. In our real life too, sometime what we see may not be the real truth so be careful bringing any judgement. Your small ignorance in judgment may hurt someone very badly.
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    Nice story of natural face between mother in law and daughter in law was well narrated and the results there of were on expected lines. Some time the society is so cruel that it sees the things from one side and wont gauge the things from other side and thereby arrives at wrong notion which cannot be rectified. And I have seen daughter in laws are very much frustrated to live and share with mother in law for their generation gap to which no one can help. But again a try can be made from daughter in law to compromise and live the life with give and take policy so that the mother in law also changes.
    K Mohan
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    My this story is not to blame MIL or DIL. Not every DIL is like that, there are many such DIL and few of I have seen who take extra care to their MIL. This content is not about the MIL vs DIL but something else.

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    Yes your indirect reference is also understood but have not revealed so that this thread live for some time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice story well narrated by the author. This is a fact. Many times it happens in our real life also. A person who is the actual culprit will go free and an innocent will get the punishment. All the stories which our Grandfathers and grandmothers are narrating will always carry a moral in the story. The neighbours and relatives will make their decisions and comments based on what they hear.
    But one should think very carefully and understand the situation well and make decisions. That is what people say. Hear what others say. Don't stop telling them. But after hearing use your judgement and then take a decision. So this is the moral we get from the story.
    Sometimes even though we get punished for no fault of us we may have to bear with the same but ultimately justice will happen to a real innocent.

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    An excellent story with a significant message. We must not judge somebody by his/her position. The track record, i.e, the past activities must be thoroughly analyzed before forming an opinion about any other person. Judgment should be impartial and it must be taken considering all aspects.
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    In fact, MIL is like a mother to her DIL. MIL has all the rights to scold and take effective charge of her DIL, but with utmost politeness and patience. It is improper to shout at DIL and make noise at home. The happenings at home should not be known to the neighbours. MIL and DIL should respect each other and live like a mother and daughter.
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    64033026 Mr. Mohan, you are here for 9 long years and this particular response is enough to say that how our Forum has become Fragile.

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