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    Keeping the best for the last

    The only thing that I like about summers is the arrival of mangoes. They are perhaps the messiest fruit to eat, but who cares. Give me any variety and I will sit down and eat a few, at one go.

    It is the pulp on the mango seed that I like, the best. I can gnaw at one until every trace of the fruit is removed off it. I eat the sliced mango pieces and always keep the seeds for the last. Seeds are the best part of the fruit. Do you agree? Do you too keep the best for the last?
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    Yes. I agree 100%. The last drops of Juice we will get from the seed are very tasty. So when I eat mango I eat the sliced pieces first and the last is the seed. My children don't like to consume the seeds. So my wife gives me more seeds and less cut pieces. She also likes the seeds. So we share the seeds and my children share the cut pieces. I feel sorry when the summer comes to an end as the mango season will also get closed and again we have to wait for a year for getting again mangoes. I feel mangoes are the best fruits.
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    My mother also relishes the mango pulp attached to the seed. But I generally don't like it. I prefer the other parts.
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    Mango is the special fruit that created problem between two great Hindu Gods of the universe, Lord Ganesh and Lord Karthikeya. I love mangoes, especially the seed with little pulps. I always demand for it whenever mango was cut into pieces for eating or for cooking. Generally, my mother won't throw away the raw mango seed. It adds taste in Sambhar too. Cut mangoes put into Padaneer(Palm water) tastes excellent.
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    Yes, I also concur with the thread author. The Mango seed was a prized possession in our childhood days. Even now when no one new is around I gnaw at the mango seed. But as the mangoes in this side have more fibres, many times I end up having the fibres stuck between my teeth. Then it takes longtime to remove the stuck fibre from the teeth by using tongue and if that fails using tooth brush.

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    The author has really brought the taste buds activated as far as how to have the enjoyment of mango taste as to last squeezing of the pulp attached to the seed. For Malgao variety is most liked because it has thin outer layer and more pulp inside and when the fruit is half ripe , there is no question of mango juice spilling over to your dress. And the next variety I would like to have is the Thothapari which is also rich in pulp but without any juice part. But this time the mango prices are not coming down and the vendors who formed as the syndicate has written fixed rates on the slate and selling for not less than 60 rupees for good sweet mangoes.
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    The thread has rekindled the childhood memories when we used to yearn for the remaining pulp on the seed after the main pieces were cut out. All the eyes were on that till it was given to the luckier one.

    The good quality mangoes have little fibres attached to the seed and they are really very yummy. The fibrous ones are to be consumed slowly to avoid the fibres stucking in the teeth.

    If I was given a full mango at that time I started from the inside of skin peelings to the outer of seed thouroly without wasting even a bit.

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    Mango is a fruit to be relished. I find seeds of the fibrous ones more enjoyable. I make 'mohawks' out of them.
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