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The query was put earlier & answered correctly by an Editor in No need to raise a thread to discuss it all over again.
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    Unanswered question!

    My dear Forum members,
    I have a question, which the full editorial team of this forum including ME failed to answer to my satisfaction.
    Hence, I am putting forward this question to you all.

    I am referring to my earlier thread regarding editing and deletion,

    I found a beautiful response in a beautiful thread. I post a reply .Unfortunately; the concerned response got deleted due to various reasons. Consequently, my response is also got edited without my consent.
    Whether this action is justified or not? You may tell editors action is final.
    If it is justified, then, I have to wait till all responses to come and wait for any deletion then only I can reply? For how long I have to wait?

    I am confused!

    Courageous members, Answer my question.
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    It is not the question of courage. You are a senior member. You are here much before me and almost you are here for last four years. I am active from last 18 months only. However coming to the point, you might have posted so many threads. How many times did it happen to you like this? When we are in a group all decisions will not go as per our liking. It is not only for you for many other members also. We have to take the things a little easy and go ahead. We need not wait for all the answers to come. You can post your reply anytime before it is locked or before 10 days of its publication. I feel you need not think so seriously about the issue. Already the matter is over. The things you feel beautiful may not be pleasant to others. Here we have to go a little amicably, I feel. I don't say, you are wrong or the Editor is wrong. Whatever happened has happened. Just leave it there and go forward. This is what I feel is the best course of action. You may agree or disagree, I have nothing to say more.
    always confident

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    Dear Dr Rao

    Thanks for your comment!
    You are one of the respectful persons in this forum.

    I am not a senior member or regular member here to say anything about the functioning of this forum. I am not at all a member of this forum. Actually, wish to be anonymous. I am only peeping through this forum sometimes in my spare time. I am a member of two to three international forums in that, I spent more time. I am only an observer here and sometimes I am surprised to see some peculiar behaviors here.

    My query is based on what I felt while responding to a simple thread! Interested to see how the answers are coming.
    Thanks once again Dr Rao,


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    The expressed condition of the forum guidelines states that, members who are responding to a thread has to add the information concerning to subject, or refute the matter being appended or given further information to enhance the worth of the thread. If even one of the three things are followed, there cannot be deletion or rejection of your reply. But in this particular case, it seems you have towed the so called good response according to you of a members and appended your comment, but for the editor, that first response itself was not according to the guidelines and hence your reply was also followed the rejection.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If the editing is done, it should not be one sided. Here, anything is get edited or deleted which offended editors. But, they don't edit their words which they say to memebers. It seems only editor has the feeling to get offended, the memers do not have sentiment or feelings so they don't get offended.

    This author thred was locked with lead editor Patro who found the tone and tenor was offended to editor. Can Mr. Patro say the same to their counter part when their tone and tenor offend a member? Then Mr Patro keep silent. This is what spoiling the forum which has one sided rule. If they are so handle with care person they should sit at home insread of showing their face on open forum.

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