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    Elders are no more waiting for news papers early in the mornings !

    Gone are the days when the elders used to get up so early, finish their morning chores and wait for the paper boy to have the first glimpse of the news paper with hot coffee in their hands. But slowly that eagerness and wait has gone as the elders are glued to the television by watching various news channels and getting to know the various happenings even live. But still the elders are reading the news papers leisurely for one reason, that is to read the editorial of a paper which is written unbiased and the subjects is dealt in detail.
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    I don't think so. Even today, the people of the previous generation of mine wake up early and read newspapers very minutely. Even I maintain this habit learnt from my elders.
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    In Metros by the time the news papers comes, the people would have left for office. So elders at home are being patronized to view tv channel news.
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    Those days to get the latest news only newspaper is the means. So people are eagerly waiting to get the newspaper early in the morning and spending some time on that. But now the news is coming on the TV within seconds of its happening. So the people who are having time and watching TV will get the updates on time. So they are not eagerly waiting for the newspaper. But they will definitely go through the papers at least for some information and special articles. Mainly Editorial is an attraction.
    I continue reading the newspaper as I am not watching the TV. It may be for 15 to 30 minutes but definitely, I will spend some time in the newspaper. I have the habit of reading Telugu Newspaper only. I used to read daily The Hindu. But these days I am not getting it. I read this paper on the internet these days.

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    Although, we have 24*7 live news reporting through various news channels but still we could find the newspapers in every homes. Being the case that for every family member the taste would be different & so accordingly the topics are chosen by them. In addition, the news channels are mostly covering the national incidence but if something has happened to your locality then this would be missing. For example, as my parents live in the Katni of MP State which is not famous & so the TV news wouldn't cover this but instead we find it good to use the "Dainik Madhya Pradesh" which mainly dedicated to the local news.

    Therefore & even there is an access to the digital technology but still few of the entities like the newspapers hasn't lost its importance.

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    Those people who have grown up beginning their day with a newspaper continues to do so. It may be a fact that they cannot wait for the newspaper boy as in the earlier days due to their official engagements but they do make it a point to go through a paper at the first chance they get. We can still see people reading newspapers in bus stands and buses/ railway platforms and trains and so on. Watching a news channel cannot in any way be a substitute for that immersed reading of newspapers.
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    As people are getting most of the information from internet and TV, the newspaper is not so important source of information today. Still, for the elders it is a great passtime and they are if not reading it, scanning it for any interesting content of their choice or liking.

    The new generation is brought up in an environment of smart phone and for them newspaper is only a redundant thing except referring some editorials or articles for improving english language.

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