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    Which advertisement mode is best, Outdoor, Print media or television ?

    For any product or service, having best promotion through ads brings instant and sustained customers. The products which are already famous or new product to be introduced, it is better to go for the television ads. If the product wants the local presence to get noted and attend, then the outdoor advertisement in that area would be best. And if a awareness ads to be released informing more about the product or the service, better to opt for the news paper ads. Members can give their own opinion.
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    The advertisement companies targets the customers on various platforms which is comparatively different from the traditional ways. Earlier the TVs were attracting the maximum audiences but now the Internet & the public hoardings are gaining spaces in this arena.

    The occurrences of advertisements mainly depend upon the location & the time as well as the type of commodity being advertised for including the costing. Everything is related here & so often it is easy to align. For example, for any new construction, it's much better to use the public hoardings by the highways with the ads being publicized through FM radios so as to better explain the concept because the highways posters can give the glimpse only. Likewise the SONY is already a recognized brand in the market which doesn't need any introduction but for any new entries the advertisement has to be aggressive.

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    I feel the advertisements online on the internet and on sites are getting more views than on TV or newspaper.TV viewers are coming down and they even put on the TV on silent mode when the advertisements come. In the newspapers, many people will skip these advertisements. Outdoor advertisements may improve the presence of that product locally but not universally.
    But now many people are getting glued to social media and internet. So the advertisements in these media may get more views. The advertisements on social media are getting more comments and licks and I feel that will improve the sales of the product.
    Whatever may be media and water may be the advertisement, the product has to maintain the quality. Otherwise, the product will lose the customers and getting new customers will become very difficult.

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    In this fast pace world, internet promotional advertisements are becoming more and more popular since the maximum number of people are connected to internet for maximum time. The advertising agencies are now targeting online platforms like Facebook, Twitter Promotional Ads, and other popular social networking platforms including YouTube and Gmail.

    Popular ads are always available on televisions and it is really boring since they don't have a skip button. However, online ads are way beyond better than TV Ads resulting in higher clicks and CPM. Online ads are best.

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    Advertisement in form of outdoor media like posters, billboards, ballon, wall painting, etc is usually done by local level business and service providers. The reach of such advertisement is limited to a locality or township. Such business are usually engaged in product or services sales wherein physical interaction is must, e.g. a grocery store, saloon, hospitals, etc. They also sometime adopt newspaper advertising but the same is not of much use to them as their reach is limited. A local daily newspaper is preferred over anational daily newspaper.

    Newspaper and TV ads are opted by big and medium sized business who have national presence or are growing fast to make their presence at national level.
    They are expensive mode of advertising so it is not preferred by small businesses.

    An awareness or goodwill makeover advertisement are usually done by the top business houses who have already well established in market and they just make their position stronger by advertising about themselves and recover a thousand times more than the expenditure of advertisement.
    Many a times awareness adverts are done to save the image of a company like in case of Maggi where after its ban was lifted it stated a campaign telling that Maggi is safe and now it has again captured the market like the way it had held it earlier.
    Although many a times the choice of advert is also done based on the budget availability and the return it may generate for small or medium sized business.

    Nowadays online ads are also playing a huge role and are eating away the other form of advertising as they are more focused and audience targeted. Due to smart technology only relevant ads are displayed based on the choice or search of an individual on his device.

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    'Where will we be seen better/ where can we get more noticed' is, I think, a basic question that every advertiser ask himself before putting up an advertisement. So, I don't think we can get to a general conclusion in deciding the best mode of advertisement. It depends on the product or service, their target audience, the market and so many other factors. The purpose behind all ads is to ensure that they are remembered by the viewers and for that, different techniques including negative ads or even bad ads are resorted to by the promoters. And moreover, I think most of the products and services are promoted through different mediums and they don't stick to a particular one only. The best mode, in my opinion, if specifically asked for, would be to provide quality products and reliable services so that the word gets passed on through the mouth.
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    There are associated terms such as "prime time", wherein the different channels coming up with their most watched programs being referred as the USP. These programs which although carries the duration of very small time but resulting in channel's biggest profits & the TRP.

    For few who don't get the USP than this stands for "unique selling proposition" & seen as a factor that differentiates a product or the services from its competitors, such as the lowest cost, the highest quality or the first-ever product of its kind. In few of the examples, "Nation Wants To know" of the Republic TV & "The Newshour Debate" of the TimesNow are their USP. They are so unique that even the channels have got their identity because of those programs.

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    As correctly pointed out by Saji Ganesh Sir, much would depend on what product is being advertised, and who is the target audience. However, as one has been a visiting Faculty Member for the MBA program in so many colleges, for the marketing specialization, please do note that the television, as a medium reaches far more customers than any other medium. The reach is huge. In fact, the prime slots are very costly indeed. In fact, the going rate for the prime slot of 8 to 8.30PM on Sun TV runs into something like Rs.650 per second per advertisement. Advertisers like the giant company Unilever, which is the number one company that spends more than ten thousand crores on advertising expenditure, through all media, have a huge number of expert whiz kids from the IIMs, who do all the coordinating with professional advertisement agencies to get the best possible advertisement in place.

    During the deadly "Deiva Magal" serial on Sun TV, that was shown for almost five years, this serial became the most watched serial, across all languages, including the Hindi TV serials. Watched by an estimated five crore people across the world. this serial broke all records. The advertisers laughed all the way to the bank.

    The advertising field is the most challenging one. That is why in this business, there are so many MBAs. Please do note, this is what we call "vatrathaatha jeeva nadhi" ( a river that never gets dry) in Tamil.

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    The effectiveness of these media is basically as per the target audience. In a rular environment TV is one of the most effective media. In colleges and universities the print media is still very powerful and adopted by many. In tourist places the posters and outdoor advertisement is the primary means of communication. The senior citizens still yearn for the newspaper in the morning.

    Slowly people are moving with internet in their palms and with data rates coming down so drastically the only media to survive will be the internet.

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