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    Do our societal nature make our women unsafe?

    A recent survey by Thomson Reuters Foundation ranked India as most dangerous country for women in the world. The same foundation previously mentioned that in India, 90 percent of crimes against women are committed by people known to the victims.
    We are brought up in such a way that we should be very cordial to neighbours, relatives, friends, etc. Our parents taught us like that. But the crimes are happening through these people only. Indians give least preference to privacy. They share their mobile numbers very easily. They even invite strangers to their homes if they ask for some address in their locality. Friends and neighbours will be very frequent in our homes. Is it time to rethink about our approach? Should we be more private in future?
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    No. It's not the case. This is because of the negative perceptions created by the media & by the secular parties who doesn't feel comfortable in the democracy of India. To my knowledge the woman in India is more aware & exposed to the realities of life & they are giving the tough competitions to others in every aspect.

    In one of the instances, we have talked a lot about the eve teasing but during my long professional carrier I never found any although I have been with the big team of different backgrounds & during different shifts. Few instances could be of from the remote areas which is still underdeveloped or from the rural areas with the old traditions & the reasons can well be associated with the attitude of the governments which instead of growth & development they used the people for vote bank for their politics.

    This is important that these agencies are funded & not working as an independent institution & so would remain bias for us. We have already the witnessed this bias attitude from Human Rights Activists recently wherein the activities by the army in the Indian occupied J&K has been referred as unjustified but the government has denied this completely.

    The solution is with us only & we need to think for the nation as a whole & above politics.

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    I have also seen this report today in the paper. India is the most dangerous for Ladies in the world. But our government rejected the survey. They have conducted the survey over the phone by contacting some people. The reliability of the report can't be taken as correct.
    In our country from the beginning, it was told to all the people that women should be respected. Where the women are respected there only happiness will be there. This is the belief we all have. But some people because of their background and the brought up they are becoming antisocials and they are only creating these problems. If we take the incidents versus the population we may not be at the top of the list.
    To control these incidents our Law and Order department should become strict and the punishments to the criminals should be exemplary so that people will have a fear to repeat such actions.

    always confident

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    The report of CNN has been prepared on the basis of survey of some high-profile ladies mainly from NGOs. The report makes most of us laugh. The great honour of being the most dangerous country for women is reserved for some other country. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are hot contenders for this honour. Even the USA is way above India in number of rape cases per 1000 women.

    But there is no doubt to the fact that we must strive hard to make the country safer for women. But I firmly believe that such agenda-driven survey report should be marked to its rightful place, i.e., in the dustbin.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Let us forget about the report that India is on top. But we can't deny the fact that crimes are happening against women and that too 90 percent of perpetrators are known to the victims. My question is, do our societal nature is one of the reason for it?

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    The good part is that the day we all think positive for our nation with a respect than all such surveys wouldn't have any meaning and the worse thing is that this is not happening.

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    See women has to update themselves as they are seeing varied kind of women atrocities are being reported in print and electronic media and still our women are sober and wont fight back and easily believe others. Through social media accounts many women are getting cheated in the name of fictitious love proposal and then get cheated. Even the cyber police are warning about this but our women take risk. Nevertheless some crimes against the women are well organized as they get into confidence building measure and then indulge in crimes. The recent being a sex racket unearthed by the police who went for International convention and solicited male partnership. So whether knowingly or out of ignorance the women are getting involved in various tangles and they are easily falling prey in the hands of gullible groups.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Bhuvan has sought to know whether ''our societal nature is one of the reason for it'' (crime against women)? I would say no. Because the countries (no need to name them) where atrocities against women are very brutal to have different social structure. At the same time, the USA, where the society is very open, reports many more rape cases than those in India. So, the society is not the reason.

    I feel that in India, people including women have become very conscious and confident and they are reporting the cases of rape or molestation in far greater numbers.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Reuters has clarified that the survey was a perception poll based on experts' opinions, not on data. So based on 'perception', India is declared dangerous and most unsafe nation of women. No factual details are involved in the survey. Please understand the conspiracy of agenda-driven NGOs.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    There are many countries in the world where in spite of development the women are being sexually tortured by the bad elements in the society and India is no exception to that. It is only a matter of statistics that changes but the primitive approach of many male members still remain the same towards the females.

    The reasons for such extreme behaviour may be many but in this direction a lot of social improvement and efforts are required and the mindset of these offenders also requires a big change which can only come by the severest of the penalties and punishments to the offenders and social boycott of those instigating these vices.

    Only a strong governance can bring some change in this situation where everyone says that it is bad and should not be done but at the same time the statistics is telling something horrendous and criminal.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think there is a concerted effort on the part of some vested interest to create bad name for our country by releasing such data against the country's interest to which we should not give credence. Even the Women rights Commission has rejected the findings , stating that by interviewing few people , how can they arrive at the large perspective on women atrocities and as far laws are concerned ours is the women friendly laws. And even the report of UN on human rights in Kashmir has been rejected by the government of India. So we should not give credence to the systematic effort of International forum or groups spilling venom on India.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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