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    Why Congress party is so uncomfortable for raising debates on “Emergency”?

    In India, the "Emergency" refers to Twenty One Month duration from 1975 to 1977 when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had a state of emergency declared across the country. I was born in the year 1978 & so not able to explain on the real grounds but still could well be understood through the debates on various news channels.

    What is surprising for me is that instead of apologizing to the nation the spokespersons from the Congress party are justifying the act saying that the time the BJP came to power in the year 2014 to till date is the real emergency. What kind of mentality that they are made up of & for how long they would go with this kind of attitude? Do they have any idea about what kind of image that they are trying to build to the world forum of our country or have gone senseless unable to understand about what to do?
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    I feel many of the present leaders were not in direct politics when Indira Gandhi declared emergency all over India. Those days how people suffered is known the people who born in the 1950s and 1960s. I know many students who are going for RSS were made to suffer like anything and the parents were so worried as they have no idea about what happened to their wards. Many innocent students were forced to go underground and some of them were inside the bars for so many months. I say the comparison of Present BJP ruling to that Emergency is ridiculous and no one is ready to believe it or accept it. By doing that they are digging their own grave. Because once they talk about emergency definitely people will remember their sufferings during that period. So it is wise for Congress not to bring that emergency matter for discussion. Much unmarried youth were forced to undergo family planning operations in some northern states of the country. Many unwanted things happened at that time which were not justifiable at any cost.
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    Yes it was the greatest blunder committed by Congress by declaring emergency. Probably Indira Gandhi thought that she would be permanent Prime Minister and why not convert the country into Presidential system and enjoy the power for ever without elections. Because in those days she was averse to media, people talking against her government and above all by recognizing 14 banks as the nationalized banks, she thought even the bank money would be utilized to enhance the party reputation. All the atrocities which the Congress committed has been fresh in the minds of those who underwent prison during emergency and the now the BJP wants to bring the bad period of Emergency through the book form in schools so that the reality of what has happened and how the people voice were shut with wielding power of Indira Gandhi.
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