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    Wars do not make one great!

    Whether you win or lose a match, it is not important. But how you have fought it is more important than a win. The victory of Kalinga war didn't make King Ashoka the great. But the change in his attitude towards war made the difference and projected him as one of the best human beings that the great land has ever had.

    We often get engaged in 'verbal wars' or are rather tempted to become a party for that in real life too. Sometimes it becomes a habit for someone to get involved in a verbal duel and try to draw you into the wagon. For a stranger, it may sound logical and your silence at that moment may make you stand at the pointed finger before the stranger. Yet your cool and non-inclination to explain your stand may look that the other side has the edge, surely not. After all, Wars do not make one great!
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    Though in principle every one is averse to war and if at all a war happens , that would be the last resort and under unavoidable circumstance. Even in Mahabharatha, many has tried to avoid war and even emissaries were sent to broker peace but those who are bent upon destroying others wont budge and in that process they are also ready to die. And in Ramayana too, Ravana was time and again cautioned to leave the Sita and seek pardon from Ram but he wont listen. So for the adamant attitude of people for whom the destroy of others is the main aim, they wont agree for the peace.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The biggest concern is that we have lost the understanding within us. In addition, we have became more mean & selfish with having fear inside us of other actions which make us more prone to immediate reactions & resulting into unwanted actions on both ends. So if the origin of the problem is within us then it's all the way our responsibility to come over this & improve.

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    You can not call them warrior who hide and shoot on their enemy's back. And such war can not be called a true war. To be in war one need to be stand with the truth and not with fake honest image. Only a true person can stand against war otherswise fake people keep hiding their face. This is not called a war. A war is done with face to face with warrior to warrior and not with warrior to cowards.

    Even king Ashoka killed his all enemy then he went for peace. Had he left any enemy he would not have become king.

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    War is the last resort to sort out any problem. War may be won by one party and the party may lose. Both will have some losses. We say that the Kurukshetra war was won by Pandavas. But how many relatives and friends they have lost in the war. Even though we say Pandavas won, Practically speaking both the parties lost. Had some sense prevailed with Duryodhana both might have had a win-win situation. So whether it is verbal war or war with weapons is never desirable and one should put all their maximum efforts to stop such wars. This is my perception about a war. Today we may be winning but tomorrow we may lose. Why waste our energy in such actions.
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    Definitely, war does not make one great, but quite often war is the last sort resolve the dispute, at least temporarily. The great military strategist Sun Tzu understood this very well. He said in his Art of War: "There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare." He also says: "The wise warrior avoids the battle."

    But the great sage has also taught us how to win the war. He said: "If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant." He further advised: "Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected."

    Every great man knows that war is inevitable. War can't be avoided. So, let's prepare for war.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Absolutely wrong statement.
    These are the statements of pessimists.
    Wars always make people great.
    You should learn that by abusing, you cannot control people. The world is too small. Show your hegemony, then world become peaceful. Alternate is chaos.

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    Mr. Patro, can you please tell us why do we call Alexandra - "Alexandra the Great"? His history does not show that he was a saint!

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