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    Have you been a footballer in your youth

    The football world cup is going on and I remember how some of our friend go to another friend's hoise to watch the match late night. But, my this thread is not about that. I am here to ask you that have been a football player during your school or college days?

    Frankly, In my schooldays I was not able to make long football shot. So, I was often out of the team and sports teacher too would not think much about me and so did I. However, things changes and one day I was call to keep goal in a practice match. The teacher was impressed with my goalkeeping and I did play few matches as goalkeeper for school. In our own friends team I was a permanent goalkeeper. Indeed, I was better than avarage goalkeeper.

    How about you, please share your memories.
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    I never played football. I played badminton at my school and I used to play all the places in the game. We have attended many tournaments on behalf of our school and won some prizes also. I was getting appreciations from our Physical Director of the school.
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    Though we had a football ground and not many students interested to play the game, there was no many players to form a team and hence it was shelved. However there was a good cricket team in our school and college.
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    I used to play football when I put off in Village a decade back. Most of my village friends were really good at mastering football. However, I wasn't. I had been a defender waiting for opponent players coming to goal the football and accidently, I knocked him down. He got a serous attack on his knees but wasn't physically disabled. From that time, I fear a lot. I don't watch football and I don't play football even if I get used to playing it.

    Enjuries scare me a lot and I even refrain to hear anyone one saying Football Match.

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    While I was in school, I was not interested in football. But my maternal uncle, an expert football player came home and asked me to learn football, and he started teaching me. One day, I took him to my school ground and got him introduced to my friends. During the course of teaching, he played a ball with a good shot which hit my fellow friend's chest, and he became unconscious. Since then, I requested him not to teach me foot ball.
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    During my younger days, I regularly played football. I represented my school and my college. I used to play as full-back (a defensive position). Franco Baresi used to be my favourite.
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