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  • Category: Miscellaneous

    Do we modulate our interactions according to the various sections of ISC?

    Just some random thoughts of mine. Having been in ISC for around 10 months, I see a certain difference among members when they interact at ISC in the various sections.

    Ask the Experts: No issues, people contribute at varying time lengths, happy with Rs 1 to Rs 15 for their replies. No harsh words against each other or the editors of AE.

    Articles: Standarad contributors scoring 20-140 points, occasional issues we hear is about delay in apporval, a deduction in points if the response is just rhyming the article views.

    GD: Having seen GD on PG education before job, coalition politics and football, we are all very courteous to each other, we strive hard to put across our views, no controversies, no arguements. Above all, everyone follows the rules.

    E-book, TOW contests, Quizs, Riddles: No issues apart from occasional member not able to participate. The odd issue with cc for non winning entries. But no harsh words, everyone is polite, sticking to the rules.

    Forum: The best for the last, we have few days of eternal sunshine, some behind getting points, some happy with drop once in a while, some testing waters on topics which they like. Suddenly, like the weather, the atmosphere of the forum changes, all heaven breaks loose, harsh words, locked threads, personal verbal online duels, challenging authority, minus points.

    We all have our right to express ourselves. But why this happens in forum? leaving a bitter taste. Is it just the nature of forum, is it because forum is sort of complaint box? or is it we have been in this for a long time? is forum very personal for us to put across our views?

    I welcome views from both sides members and ISC team please.
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    Forum is the only place where real-time interaction happens. So there will be discussion, one to one chat like, ping-pong like response and counter response. In other sections there is no such opportunity. Even when response is allowed, there is time delay and is not in real time.

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    Very nice and apt observation of the author. But why does this happen in Forum section? The continuous quarrel happens because some Members think that punishment is selective and some Editors behave in a partisan way. Even if it is not true, the perception creates problem. Justice must also be seen to be done.
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    Well the other sections of ISC is concentric specific on topics to be discussed, forum is the open page in which the members are free to load anything they want to discuss here. But in that melee sometimes we tend to forget the posting guidelines and new rules being brought like no direct discussion on political parties and their activities, no discussion on persons hurting personal feelings, no discussions about the actors or gossips and above all we should not touch the controversial subjects of the nation and thus unknowingly some members do rake up such issues and the ISC editors are quick enough to delete the post which irks the member. Moreover when some threads are repeated again and again, that is also removed much to the annoy of the member. Nevertheless participating now a days in the forum is not that easy as we have to be vigil and then contribute.
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    The articles section and Ask expert sections are not interactive. But the forum is something different it is more like an opinion of different people on the same subject. Anyone can raise the thread and all members can reply to that. There are certain guidelines and we have to follow them. If we fail to follow the editor may delete or lock as the case may be. Here comes the real problem. The person who posts the thread thinks that he never crossed the limit whereas the bosses will say that the member has crossed the line. Whatever may be the argument finally whatever the team of Editors decide that is binding. But as there is a way to express their feelings, some members mention on this place but some may be silent even though they have some feelings inside. The reasons may be different but all will not talk openly here. The problem comes when some threads skip the attention of the editors and sometimes they are online 24 hours.
    Anyhow it is not the bread and butter of anyone. It is for some good time spending and to get some additional knowledge and a little money for tea expenses. SO I think we need not be so serious and we should take it cool and go ahead.

    always confident

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    Natrajan, since you are just 10 months old, don't come to any conclusion or don't just talk one side. Be in the situation before you judge anyone. Even knowing the reason, you are asking why it happens in the forum? Don't you go through the forum thread why it is happening?

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    Each one of us is different from different perspectives & this is what creates contradictions within us. Somehow because of the content or of the outcomes we are not going to settle for any common cause & so the interventions are required.

    So the same is the case here. The different authors come up with different submissions of having different approaches & this makes some unsettling situations in the forum but when some another topic is introduced then we gets diverted. We have to go along with this & so chill out & enjoy.

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    There is nothing to "Chill" about when your thread post is just getting deleted because it shows some people real face. At the same time, the same people don't feel shy to show their innocent and honest face as if there is no other person like them on this earth.

    The problems and confusion only can be solved out when the admin think everyone equally and not judges by their name, zone or personal liking.

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    In fact, we do modulate our interaction according to the experience we get from each section. Those who are goodwill member and never find fault, keep silent most of the time and stand with admin even if they are wrong. These members are the one who most gets respected by the authority people.

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    Well... Well... Well... This thread is more likely to become an active Group Discussion thread of the month.

    I have spent more than four years and six months here in ISC but still, I couldn't understand the rules and regulations of all the sections excluding Job section and Information & Updates section. I love ISC and wanted to stay out of trolling threads, debating threads, and most importantly the political threads. These kind of threads are more likely to hurt others members during the debating process. Everyone wants to win as they were in a competition. So, I stay out of this.

    Secondly, the rules of each sections changes every time, day, week, month, half quarterly, and year. Be it in Forum section or Ask Expert. Let me tell you an example of Ask Expert section. Our ME has clarified a post about how to post valid answers in AE section. But later on some particular thread, there was again a rule updated from another end that says one can post answers in AE section if the answers were not sufficient to that topic. The disheartening thing is I posted many answers in Computers and Science and Technology categories but 70% of my answers were approved and rewarded with ZERO points and ZERO CASH CREDITS. That really hurts. It's completely vague to understand ISC rules.

    In forum section, people come up with questions, creative writings, and other intriguing threads. Forum is the best place to discuss and complain.

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    Forum is the most vibrant place where we interact with each other as well as with the editors. ISC management has chalked out certain guidelines and policies for all the members to follow and time to time some changes might be required in those guidelines which the concerned editors are taking up with the management.

    Some of the policies are really very nice and their implementation is very effective. On the other hand, there may be many rules where a member may not have much clarity but the management or editors will have a final say on that. This is a system and many times members may have questions and grievances also but at some stage it has to be resolved and is being resolved successfully.

    Once, I found that one of my thread was deleted because there were many similar ones floating in the forum section and were alive. I checked it and found it correct. So I had to keep quiet. At the same time I also found that many threads of other members were also being deleted or locked for obvious reasons. So there is nothing like selective treatment.

    I also wonder what an editor will achieve by suppressing the creative work of a particular member when today there is ample opportunity in internet to switch to other equally renowned site and show ones worth there.

    I have tried to do this analysis as an impartial person. Any critical observation is welcome.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The observations of Mr. Umesh is very apt. There are strict rules for all, but the implementation is sometime selective. This selective implementation creates the problem.

    I want to mention another point in this regard. At the time of discussion on a particular issue (normal thread, not GD thread), some Members speak in favour of and some Members speak against it. If an Editor is in favour of the issue, he allows cash credits to some of the Members who have written good points in favour of the issue. But, some Members also mentioned many good factors against it. They remain deprived due to personal bias of the Editor. No cas credit is allotted to such Members.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    #640526, Umesh, everyone has their own opinion as per what their experience. You may be not aware of the action which happened behind the scene. There are much more than this open forum, you may not see the actual truth.

    However, yes there are many such sites where a member can go if he/she is not happy with ISC. There were members who left this site because of not treated well. But as far as I am concerned, why should I leave after spending my time as long as 6 years, after posting some very good content, I have my own readers. Shall I just leave because editors don't like me?

    There were question thrown out at me from a particular editor who has a special liking of me, as on what "face" I keep coming into ISC even when they suspend me? I won't comment as what I have replied but his intention can be seen and so the behaviour for a particular member.

    ISC is neither Mahabharat war, nor anyone wants to make it like that. If the people who have the power to run this site leave their personal liking and opinion to judge a member, everything will be normal.

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