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    Why do the town-planners like match-boxes so much?

    I live in a Government accommodation in South Delhi. These accommodations are two-storeyed and spacious. There is open space, court-yard (for the residents of ground floor) and spacious terrace (for those living first floor). We can see the sky sitting in our bedroom. We live surrounded by nature and trees.

    Today, I have heard that the town-planners have finalized the plan to convert these two-storeyed accommodations to ''modern high-rises''. This means that the town-planners of Delhi are planning to build beautiful and colourful match-boxes in this locality. There may be some amenities like modular kitchen (what is it, by the way?), etc. in those modern accommodations, but the people would lose their contact with nature.

    I would like to know: Why do the town-planners of India like match-boxes so much? Why do we notice so many high-rises everywhere, even in small towns?
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    Well the author may be wanting to live with the nature and that is every ones wish too. But given the small area of the Delhi and more demand for the housing, the government has to formulate policies to either grown horizontally or the vertically. Since many states are abetting the capital , it may not expand horizontally and thus the option left was vertically. So they are now asking the planners to conceive the idea of having high rise buildings so that more families can be accommodated in that place and Independent house concept of Delhi would soon be wiped out for the middle class.
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    At least you are lucky for these many days as there are many government quarters have already been demolished and restructured with high rise in areas like RK Puram(some sectors already did and some are going to be done sooner) and in certain other areas too.

    As you said, yes, nowadays people are shrinking the apartments from nature but I feel Delhi is far better than other Metro cities, as one can see many pigeons, parrot, cuckoos, sparrows and even crows while these are very limited in other areas where apartments are constructed more.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The very reason is supply vs demand. demand is more but there is no supply. The land is limited. The population is plenty. Everybody wanted to have a roof to stay. So what is the solution? Expand vertically.
    In 1970s NTR constructed NTR cine studios in Hyderabad in a very limited area. Around the same time, ANR comes out with Annapurna studios. A press person asked NTR why you have constructed a studio in such a small place where as ANR gone for a spacious one. The answer given by NTR is I have no space horizontally but I have a very good place vertically. Those days this apartment culture was not there. But NTR is having a plan to go vertically high. Whether we like it or not when there is no space this is the only alternative.
    But I have seen many quarters for government employees. Even though they are apartments, they leave a lot of greenery around the building and give a good place for trees to come up. But I don't know about the same in Delhi.

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