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    By letting the Surgical strike video out, what the Modi government want to convey ?

    When Indian forces conducted surgical strike on Pakistan two years back and destroyed all their bunkers and installations, the opposition in India pooh poohed the act stating that there was no evidence and even UPA regime conducted such strikes. But when the real video of surgical strike is out, the same parties are taking and U turn on their saying. Now they upped their anti against the government as to why the attacks on Military and civilians are unabated even after surgical strike. This new argument has to be answered by Military only.
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    The Government has released the video on surgical strike which took place in 2016 by Paracommandos and members of Ghatak platoons of two Battalions of Indian Army. The Government has not released the video of surgical strike carried out by 17 Para inside Myanmar.

    I strongly object to the release of the sensitivve video. The Government has come under the pressure of the opposition parties and the so-called liberal groups which are always ready to criticize the present Government. Curiously, the same liberals have now started questioning the release of the video.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    All opposition parties have a single agenda. Criticising the ruling party. If they say "yes" to the proposal made by some opposition parties say that government is wrong, they have accepted the proposal without understanding the after effects. If they say "No" the proposing party will say that the government has not even considered our proposal and because of that the country has lost everything. This has become the order of the day.
    When the government talked about the Surgical strike, the Opposition party said that the ruling party is lying. When they bring the proof now the same people say how these videos are released which are supposed to be sensitive and not for public release. This is all in the game and it will be forever irrespective of who is the ruling party and who is the opposition. In between we the common people will be just watching the tamasha as silent spectators.

    always confident

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    The 2019 general election is not too far & so evens the BJP being confident of the clear majority but still don't want to take any chance. But for whatsoever reasons be prepared to witness the worst of the cheap politics by either side in order to win the election.

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    I am ashamed by the U-turn being taken by the opposition politicians and their liberal followers. They are now quetioning the timin of rlease of the video. I don't think that in June or in July, election is scheduled to be held in any state of the country.

    Why don't they tender a simple apology and end the controversy?

    However, personally I can't support the release of video. I sincerely hope that the enemy doesn't get any benefit out of it.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If they tender apology then they will lose the face in public and thus making some other unwanted statement.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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