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    What made that little 7 years old girl tearful

    Music can make you cry and it can provide you with the happiness. Here, crying means definitely not with the pain but emotionally.

    There was R.D. Burman show going on in a TV channel. And I was watching it with my daughter who is 7 years old. Since I am into music and do play my instrument and sing along, she too has got interested in Music. As for now, I can say she is musically tuned. Those wonderful songs were keep coming by different artists to show the gratitude to the legend Music Director R.D.Burman. In that, the very beautiful song from the movie Balika Badhu, "Bade Achhe Lagte He..." song came up by an artist. After hearing this complete song, little girl's eyes were full of tears. Indeed, this song was sung beautifully and the lyric was touching. When I asked for the reason of her tearful eyes, she replied that the wording like "Dharti (Earth), Nadiya (River)" in the song made her cry!

    People cry with some emotional song or when the lyric was touching or the singing was incredible. However, I still have to believe the girl's word. How can such too small girl understand the emotions of a song so well?

    I have seen young kid bringing the expression of a song so well, yet I have to still believe that whether they understand the emotions so well in such young age!
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    Simple TRP attached with it. Of late every TV Channel, for every programme, a rehearsed thing is attached with live shows. Initially when WWF/WWE was telecasted every one thought that was a real sport and later it was a well-known fact that it was only a shooted show.

    The target people mostly, in the TV shows are kids and women. That is why I have stopped seeing these TV channels and particularly live shows, instead, we can watch the original song sequence of a movie or hear songs in an audio version.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I agree with with#640464. These are all gimmicks to get TRP ratings. These programmes are not live and they are prerecorded. So the directors of these shows organise these dramas also.
    The other day I was watching a stage show in a Telugu TV channel in which all the viewers in the first and second row are full with tears in their two eyes on the stage itself. The camera is focusing more on these people than on the show.
    Finally, the judge says the show is very good because all the viewers got terribly moved with the difficulties shown in the show. This is all preplanned and they will instruct the audience to behave like this and these people also abide as they may also get prominence on the small screen and all their known people can see and recognise them on the screen.

    always confident

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    Some singers goes into the character while singing and take on to their heart by rendering and such songs are really captivating and touches our heart and this girl has also behaved in same manner.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am sorry, it seems I could not able to put my words properly and the meaning of this thread got changed. I am editing it to make my message clear.

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    Jeet Singh,
    You wanted to make a Vinayaka statue, but it turned out to be a Hanumaan statue. Surely, your good message is not very clear to the audience. While you are talking about your own good daughter, others have not understood it.

    No life without Sun

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    Sorry @Jeet and thank you @Sun.

    Now it is clearly understood, and @Sun, it is only at the time of finishing it, some one's perception may be wrong but after finishing it may be clearly seen by others. Now the scene is clear and I have re-read the post and got it.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Sun, you are right, actually, I did not want to reveal it. It would look as if I am beating my own drum.

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    You asked: How can such too small girl understand the emotions of a song so well?

    It is not necessary to understand the lyrics or know the meanings of words or catch the subtleness in a tune. Sometimes, it is simply something there that touches the heart, that moves you. That something is the soul of the song. It reaches out, grabs your heart's strings, resonates in your mind and brings a lump to your throat. I have felt that way when I sometimes heard a Sufi song or one in an Indian language I do not understand. The words were not understood, but the song was felt emotionally.

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    Jeet Singh,
    More than the elders, the young children understands the music well. Just take example of an infant baby who stops crying and get into sound sleep after hearing a Lullaby from its mother. Don't we wonder how come the baby understands the lullaby? Generally, Lullaby is meaningful. It attracts the infant babies. The babies understand them well. So, no wonder that your 7 years old daughter understood the RD Burman's music, lyric and song, and shed tears.

    No life without Sun

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    #640591 & #640625

    Truly said, to understand music there is no language bar. You don't need to understand music but feel it. Music is a kind of vibrations which impact on our body and soul accordingly to our feelings and emotions.

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    Jeet, do convey my word of appreciation to your daughter. She appears to be sensitive and understanding. May I, out of sheer curiosity, ask you why you held back the fact that it was your daughter who had tears in her eyes?
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    My appreciation goes to your daughter and even you too should be appreciated for your nice upbringings. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand the reactions of the kids when they listen a song wholeheartedly and their emotions can be gauged with some words incorporated in the song. So is the case with your daughter having so much fascination for Earth and River.

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    Saji Ganesh,
    Jeet Singh has initially said it as his own 7 year old daughter. I think, you did not read it properly and skipped the line.

    No life without Sun

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    #640698 Thank you, Saji. I just felt that it was not necessary. Since I am her father, It would look as if I am trying to show or say more than is required.

    #640704, Thanks Mr. Jha, I hope she should continue the same interest along with her study. For now, I am her music teacher but soon I am going to send her to the proper music class.

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    #640514 and 640709? Apologies for the wrong take! I would not want to rake an issue in this wonderful thread about a blessed daughter.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    I may be a bit late in catching up with this beautiful thread but better late be then never, I will like to mention something being a music lover.

    A song has two parts one is it's music composition which gives it the melody and rythm and other is the lyric part which gives it an emotional life. These two are fused coherently in a song to make it really effective.

    I am fond of old songs especially when the both of the components are good and it applies to the new songs as well.

    Some songs work on the audience in such emotional and centimental ways that the desired effect is produced as their reactions to it.

    The particular song mentioned by the author has that force, especially at the specified places in the lyrics and any sensitive person will respond to it. I was also effected by that line when I first time heard that.

    I will simply repeat what other members have already told that your daughter, being a sensitive and music friendly child has shown the normal response.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. Jeet: Please write your daughter's reaction to Amit Kumar, the singer in the film. He will be very happy. I feel very happy to note that your daughter's taste has not moved towards those peculiar western songs.
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    #640719 Umesh,
    "The particular song mentioned by the author has that force, especially at the specified places in the lyrics and any sensitive person will respond to it. I was also effected by that line when I first time heard that".

    You have nicely tried to explain it with the word "force". Actually this is the force worked in some pitch, word, tune that make one to move with music.

    #640734 Partha,
    Its not like that, Music is beyond any boundary. True, that some people gets attracted towards western and some not, it is totally one's personal choice. However, since I am mostly into Bollywood and Indian semi classical music. So, she has too got interested in that.
    But, I am sure whenever I will meet or if happened to meet Amit Kumar (which is possible in my working field), I will sure let him know.

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