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    Dream catcher in Social Media.

    In this era of social media, I would like to create a dream catcher so that it can filter the negative ideas popped in all over the social media portals in the form of comments/memes/videos whether it is newspaper portal, youtube, facebook, other blogging sites or sites like this educational website ISC.

    The idea behind is, this dream catcher will filter the negative ideas and word wars between the unknown people all over the world so that positive ideas will dominate the social media world.

    I would like to have ideas from members, for the architecture of this dream-catcher like any traditional dream catcher which are the origin of North America (and every idea and design can be equated with our traditional ideas like hanging thorans and hanging of Swastik with a writing of their favourite god's name on the four sides of Swastik which may rule good over evil).

    The dream catcher of North America will have one product from everyone's own life cycle and hence everyone will have its own story. I may invite from members about my building of dream-catcher so that it will have its own design and story to breathe positive vibes from negative.

    Also, I can call it as a dream-catcher (as it is in the form of a web) and in social media too, the web has prominence, as every one will be under a world wide web(WWW).

    This is TOW entry.
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    Good thought from the author but having the idea of filtering the negative thoughts in social media is not possible as the creator of the site himself has expressed inability to control the contributions from the public which may be positive or negative. The argument states that if one post is the negative for me, and for other it is positive. Therefore there cannot be weeding away the negative vibes according to the author. So what we can do that the negative thoughts in our friends and relative can be wiped out to much extent due to our constant interaction and that is in our reach.
    K Mohan
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    A good proposal by the author. But Dream Catchers may not remove negativity from the people who are awake. They only remove bad dreams when we are sleeping. So the definition of Dream Catcher is also to be changed.
    Anyhow I appreciate the concept and author have come out with an idea. The people who are good at designing and architecture can come out with good models so that they will act as dream catchers for the people who are dreaming in their social media sites.

    always confident

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    Thanks @Mohan and Rao.

    As Rao told, there are people dreaming about social media, since because something is published, they are the ruler of that platform which we can see in many of the political fbs, online newspaper portal where one can see constant interaction between the members who are in opposite political parties(from their views), they even call for the others if someone has not put their comments.

    In youtube too, I always feel people are acting like parasites by uploading small, small irrelevant videos which has no connection with the title of the video but that will invite visitors to see as these videos titles always will have some words connected to recent political incidents, movies, even popular serials and earn money for nothing just because they have more visitors and views. There also many comments induce fight among unknown people on different issues of political, religious, etc..

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Social media is not based upon dreams or aspirations. It is based upon hard facts and information. So, I feel that there is no place of a dream in social media. However, we must be careful about wrong/false facts, photoshopped images and rumours. But dream and social media can't be linked.

    Of course, this is my personal opinion.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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