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    A reduction in the number of participants ?

    Of late I notice that there is a reduction in the number of participants in discussions. Only for a limited number of questions (threads) more than ten responses are seen. Of course, this is based on this month' s threads. Is it because the threads are not worthy of discussion. Or is it based on topics which do not attract the readers ? Very often I felt that the threads do not have anything worthy of discussion. (I myself used to post such threads, my intention would be to convey some news).
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    If the threads are good and interesting, the number of responses and participants would be more. But I have been noticing with keen interest that if a message attracts me, it wont matter to you. And if you attempt a thread with great response, for me it is a two line response to draw conclusion. What I mean to say that every one has the intelligent quotient to draw the meaning from every thread and the replies are solely based on their understanding of the thread and that may not be conforming to other members. And I have also noticed slow progress of forum as there is no great activities these days.
    K Mohan
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    I think the time of posting of thread and number of Members present at that time are also important. Very few Members respond to 1-2 days old thread.
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    Yes, I agree. Members are shying away.

    Who and all are responsible for that?

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    In anycase, the minimum number of response to a thread would be not less than three as long as Mr. Mohan, Dr. Srinivas and Mr.Partha remain as ISCian. Each and every thread whether useful or useless, meaningful or unmeaningfu, relevant or irrelevant will be surely responded by these three sincere ISC members. I think, three is a very good number to discuss things.
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    Well... I posted few threads which are not interesting. However, even if you post interesting post in the forum section, there are only fewer responses. Take an instance of Active GD discussions. It doesn't even reached 100 comments.

    To be honest, I am finding ISC to be very boring these days and only try to respond on topic that interest me and has knowledge about the same. Due to Forum section rules changes now and then, most members are becoming reluctant. If you follow up old threads, one of the Editors would drop an email to you saying "Please don't pull out old threads", etc and etc.

    By the way, I am using Bubblews and MyLot tricks. I only tried to respond to members who respond to my threads. The reason is why would I waste my time writing my views on others member post who never respond to your threads.

    Our forum doesn't need changes. Allow us to change by not making too many unnecessary rules.

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    There are various reasons for this. probably the tastes are different. The thread I like may not be of interest to the other person. But I have a habit to respond at least with whatever little knowledge I have in that particular subject. Similarly, there are one or two like me. So many times I see there are minimum two responses.
    Another problem is time. really it takes a lot of time to participate in these threads. Sometimes I will be hearing from my house members for the time I am sitting on my laptop.
    Another issue is the time. Sometimes some posts will be going down and many may be missing that thread. Once are twice I pulled one or two threads which are two days old, then some more responses have come.

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    "In anycase, the minimum number of response to a thread would be not less than three as long as Mr. Mohan, Dr. Srinivas and Mr.Partha remain as ISCian. "-----------Of late, Mr. Partha has reduced his Forum responses due to various reasons.
    It is for an individual Member to read the threads patiently, understand what the author wants to say, interpret it in his/her own way and then submit a response containing additional but relevant points, It is quite a big task.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Sun responding to threads of varied nature also needs information and sincerity to address the post with relevant or additional information. If the thread is within my knowledge only I would respond. And many of your fun threads on competition were avoided by me, because it was not interesting . Like wise I am keeping away from the GD because some members hijack the topic to their extent and discuss in that level to which I am averse and wont agree. Moreover GD's are to be moderated in between the discussion to tow on the right path which is always absent in ISC and hence I shy away.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This thread needs some honest views, like what the other members have said above.
    The response to a thread or topic depends on so many factors. I was one of the few who would respond to most forum threads. But since the last few weeks, I have reduced my presence in the forum for
    1.issues with time
    2. i got a message from a member who mentioned that I was being watched closely and that I'm pulling up threads that are around 8 days old which is unnecessary. This makes me avoid visiting old but still viable threads.
    3. the quality of forum threads have dropped, if you look at it honestly and in an unbiased way, what are we discussing, food dishes, TV, hotels, who is worse or better etc. You have to read a few threads to find a good one.

    But, things will changes, in due course forum would get some fresh thoughts and ideas.

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    Natarajan, each member must make a point to raise at least one or two threads on the topics which were bothering them daily, that way at least we have some handful of threads making rounds in first page of the forum.
    K Mohan
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    You mentioned that qualities of threads have dropped. This is not true actually.
    Sometimes a thread may look very simple. If you interpret the things in different way the thread become suddenly eye catching, become interesting to all. I am having varying views about the current running threads. Many threads running today can be made exciting reading experience by interpreting in different angles. But; the problem here is that the threads looks good today may not be visible tomorrow. The threads you want to make a response today may be blocked tomorrow.So,I lost interest and I am keeping away from this forum. I don't want to participate further unless things improve here.

    Whether thing will improve?

    Who can answer this question?

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    The Forum posts are mainly for debates on various issues. But some Members may have started posting non-controversial threads which do not cause any debate, to prevent the chances of possible deletion of threads. This also causes lesser number of participation. from Members.
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    Mr. Mohan,
    It is not that you are not interested in competition threads, but you are incapable to participate and win as observed by me since the time I joined ISC. Also, you are not perfect to participate in active GD as you don't have time to lose points. GDs don't help you to earn good points. It is my sincere and close observation since 2011. However, I appreciate your talent in responding to each and every thread posted in the forums. I would say NO ISC forum without MOhan.

    No life without Sun

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    Contrary to my expectations and doubt regarding the decreasing number of responses, this thread has attracted 13 responses within one day itself. So, am I to believe that threads which need discussions are inviting the attention of ISCians. Good, members may take a clue from this in future !

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    Sun as you admit that I can respond to any thread, so it is expressly understood that I can even taken on competition entries and GD, but the way the not interested fun competition are forced on us or the discussions are hjacked in GD is not liked by me.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Almost every day, I come to ISC, even if not online, I watch it from outside. I have my own limited time to be here and respond to some thread. I am not the member who can reply to each and every thread. So, I reply to a thread which I like it, where I can reply with my own opinion and with fresh content. I don't post on every topic, apart from my deleted thread which the admin find it violated, I have always tried to post something interested and unique. So, you can keep me out of the member list who can respond to every thread.

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    You said : "...2. i got a message from a member who mentioned that I was being watched closely and that I'm pulling up threads that are around 8 days old which is unnecessary. This makes me avoid visiting old but still viable threads."

    I have only question marks.. of anxiety about the quoted statement...??????

    If it is only for the guidance and hep for content posting it is okay;
    otherwise the word 'watched' creates doubt. But then why should it be a 'member' and not editor?

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    Venkiteswaran sir, thanks for your note, it didn't/ doesn't matter to me much because I'm now spending time on other projects, dropping into ISC for AE section and the forum for the contest & odd threads.

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    By the way if the forum goes dull or facing the thread crunch, it is the duty of the online editors to post some threads to pep up the discussions. This would create room for further thinking.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The quality of the thread has nothing to do with forum responses or inputs from other members.

    What I felt important is the knowledge. As an instance, if somebody posted a thread about politicians or politics then I am pretty sure that I won't even click and read that thread because I know nothing about Politics or politician. Members giving their views or opinion need supporting points along with genuine events about the same. One cannot simply reply to post writing "Yes yes, you're right, I agree with ya" etc. You will either need to debate or agree with the author of the specific threads and post with SUPPORTTING points or DEBATING.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    John, what you said is right. Many thinks that giving response to each and every post is given with the eye on points enhancing motto. But that is not the case. If anyone has the creativity to think and respond, that quality cannot be copied nor denied.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, as the saying goes, "Nobody knows everything, but everyone knows something", applies in the forum section. One cannot put vague responses to the threads since it will only trigger unexpected things.
    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    I decided to wait until the month ends to see other's input before giving my views. From my observations of so many years -

    It is not necessarily the case that the topic is not worthy of discussion. What I find is that when there is an ongoing reward program, members are likely to find less time to participate in discussions. They may put in one response or two at the most and then focus solely on that reward program due to there being a deadline for it. Also, when there is something like a creative story writing contest or the topic-based TOW, the first page will entirely be filled up with entries for those reward programs. These threads then send other general threads to the second page or even the third page. For those who are online for a short while, they will likely look only at the first page & perhaps just skim through the second page, without really bothering to open a thread to check out the discussion.

    In the last one year I find members very keen (more so than in previous years) on having extremely detailed discussions (to the extent of it becoming a heated debate) about topics related to the Central Govt. or a State Govt., about their policies or the particular people at the helm. Such threads I find fascinating, that how people can have intelligent discussions to such a deep extent on a topic which I consider totally dry & boring! Yet, why is there no similar in-depth discussion on really good topics is really puzzling. For example, there was the thread about drones driving out employment - why only 3 members participating in this? It simply vanished to the back pages. It was a real pity, as this topic had the potential for a good debate, practically a mini-GD.

    I have also observed that topics related to parenting, careers, children and generally the home do get good participation. Topics like being positive, facing challenges, technology overtaking family bonding, impact of social media and the like do not, because these are very repetitive and just the same wine in new bottles. For everyone, it is boring to keep talking about these kinds of things. Sports will generate participation, but, here again, it will be the same few members discussing it, likely because those not really interested in the sport will not want to talk about it without really having some knowledge of it in the first place.

    Then there is the very obvious truth: members will give first priority to sections where they can get earnings. They may find it a waste of time to just chatter in the forum for merely points.

    A few ways to encourage more participation in terms of numbers: First, put the title of the thread in such a manner that it incites others to open the thread and not just skim over it. Let them be intrigued to think, "What is this thread about?" Secondly, if you are the one who posts the thread, follow up on it. You need to be the thread's manager and monitor. Pick up on something a member said or start another related aspect of it. Keep it live. When a member will see (5) or (10) to indicate the responses against a thread on the first page, they will be intrigued to think, "How come this thread has so many responses? What's this thread topic?" and they, too, will jump back in, to give further responses. Thus, the thread will run longer. This thread is a superb example!

    Here, I must say I am guilty of not coming back to my own threads! I get totally involved with contributing or editing, so much so that, over the years, I have faded out from the forum when, in fact, in my early years I used to be right in the middle of most discussions, even in skirmishes. I keep telling myself to keep time aside just for forum participation, but the thought never gets translated to action. Sigh...

    (Apologies for the over-lengthy response)

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Being the member. I will not tell anything which is unnecessary I am not the experience member here because I recently get member and I am also taking participate in thread but I don't feel it is a boring discussion. All is that one should Totally Involve into the Group discussion and try to give your ideas and solve other issues and it will increase your Communication in the Group Discussion and also you will able to Understand What's going around the world apart from forum thread there are other ways you can take participate. For those you will get knowledge. Only is that you should give 100% and be Honest to what you are writing because honesty is the best policy.
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    Ms. Taj: Please don't respond to threads which are more than ten days old.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    No one is good in everything in our life. Because every body has their weaknesses some person are so intelligent where as some opposite like some people understand very fast but some people.take time to understand how it would be. How to do like that. To be Honest I am also one of them who don't understand very quickly but believe me if we give our dedication, determination towards what we want to do and what Object we want to Accomplish we can definitely achieve those. Because I am the live example in this world. I think thread forum is not boring Group Discussion Actually what I feel is Group Discussion is good for us only. Because it help us to come across lonely and we can enjoy a lot while discussing about any issue, or topic whatever the issue may we can solve it and we can learn something from that issue and don't make mistakes more because everyone learns his mistakes. When we do mistakes means it's not that we are not means we are ready to understand and we are able to do it so whatever task would be we should take it seriously and honestly we have to do and we should also enjoy doing it
    Because doing happily is worthless

    By Determination one can Accomplish anything

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