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This thread wins a Consolation Prize in the Topic based TOW contest for the week 24th Jun'18 - 30th Jun'18 - Dream-catcher
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    When there are no dreams why a dream catcher.

    A dream catcher is supposed to remove negativity from the dreams and your dreams will be pleasant to you if you have a dream catcher in your bedroom.
    In our country even though there are no dream catchers physically in your bedroom there are virtual dream catchers which will make you not to have a sleep.
    A student with a very good percentage of marks is not sure of his seat for further studies.
    A young man who is a gold medalist is not sure of a good job.
    A beautiful lady who is eligible for marriage is not sure of her marriage as her father may not be able to satisfy the over demanding bridegroom.
    A father of a 3 years son is not sure of a seat for his boy in a primary school as he is not able to pay the required building fee for the school.
    Like this, the list will go endless.
    As such where is the sleep for these people and where is the need for a dream catcher when their sleep is caught by these virtual dream catchers.

    This is my thread for the TOW contest.
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    Well I do appreciate the sarcastic dig by the author on the plight of the people even though they are achievers and yet to release the dreams of their life. But dreams are no way concerned to our present life achievements. Dreams do come to us whether we are poor, rich or average. Dreams are the inspirational movements of our life which changes into real moments later. So achievers irrespective of they getting dreams do get some place or the other as recognition and thus get accustomed to the adjustment of life and if some one spot the right person, they do offer the change of life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has beautifully synchronized his view with the ToI topic. Yes, if there is no dream, there is no need for dream-catcher. But in spite of all injustice, all problems in the society, young men and women will continue dreaming. Their dream will take them and the country to the pinnacle of success and glory.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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