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    Have you come across this kind of 'my, gy' in recent chats.

    With the advent of social platforms especially in chat platforms, the world has become very small that we are connecting with each other where ever we are on the globe.

    That is automatically changed the pattern of English due to the frequent use of WhatsApp and these are the common words like doggy, mommy etc and when we googled it, it says these are all origin of North America.

    What are the other words you have come across like this and please can we have a good number of words which I used to play in ISC, the various kinds of words games.

    I have come across another word related to the child in American English is Pacifier(the words doggy, mommy too, they say it is child's word) meaning a baby's dummy.

    Come on Members please share such interesting my,gy... here.
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    Now that the heat is going on between the ruling and opposition parties, the surgical strike was earlier ridiculed by critics of Modi government as Farzical strike.
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    The response of different thread is wrongly posted here and hence it may be edited by member or editors.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Very new words are coined by different people these days. I have seen an advertisement in which they say have you Goldspotted today. Here the word Goldspotted is coined by that company and the meaning do you have good spot today. Like this many new words and new abbreviations are surfacing in English these days.
    Some words they use on social media are very difficult for me to even to understand. Hubby is a shortcut for the husband. Like that very different type of abbreviations are also getting surfaced.

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    In that regard, "get me a Fevicol", "I'll get a Xerox" and "I love the game Monopoly" etc. .; too are those kind of words right? Because Xerox, Monopoly and Fevicol are the names of the companies that have become synonymous to their products.
    If this isn't a right correlation, I'm afraid I didn't quite understand your query.

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    In my post I have put simple child words like doggy, mommy which are origin of North America and after chat with our own people stays at the US, people stay in India too started using the words doggy, mommy for dog, mom etc., There may be different sets in the same series or different sets from different series may be heard by other members and they may add those words here to continue the word game.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Quite interesting. I don't want to get into any English but remain with Tamil. It happens inside the family only. A brother would address his younger sister with love and affection," Ye Naaye (you dog) Ye Peye (you devil) Ye Panni(you pig) Ye Kurangu(you Monkey). Even the parents too address their lovely girls in this manner. Another word to recall is "Ye Shaniyane(You saturn) Such an address never hurts the girls. They accept it pleasingly. But this is not the case from a sister to her brother. While the brothers are rude, the sisters are soft.
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    I then know a word called Dandy used very much in Britain. Dandy is someone who looks aristocratic. But nowadays, since we've absorbed this word from Americans through movies, we comment someone as a dandy looking man. Or say," you look dandy".
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    Piggy for pig
    chocky for chocolate

    Wanna - want to
    Gonna - going to
    lemme - let me

    These are some words that are common in chats

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