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    From assault rifle to electric motorcycle

    Almost all of us have heard about this assault rifle, AK-47. This rifle has killed thousands of men and women in many parts of the world. It is a favourite weapon of terrorists and criminals because of the bullets, muzzle velocity, light weight, accuracy and firing capacity in a single burst. It's variant AK-56 is being used by many armies of the world. The image of AK-47 can even be seen in the national flag of Mozambique.

    But astonishingly, the Russian company which has been manufacturing this deadly weapon since 1948, has started a new venture. It has started manufacturing electric motorcycle of 15kW power. Earlier, it was proposed that this electric motorcycle would be used by Moscow Police during the ongoing World Cup, but I don't know whether this has been put to reality, or not.

    In any case, the famous (infamous) company has been diversifying from assault rifle to electric motorcycle.
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    Great that the good sense prevailed on the company which manufactured assault rifles and now embarked on manufacturing electric motorcycle which is the need of the hour. Now the company will get good name and fame as they were either too involved in destroying a person or thing, and now by manufacturing electric motor cycle, the company would be greatly contributing to the cause of environment and also helps in saving the petrol. And the orders it will get from across the globe would be mind boggling. This is the real development of this century as per me.
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    Ignition is the key to both the rifle and the motor cycle. Nothing will fire or move without being ignited. So it is not a strange thing that Russia has a rifle and a motor cycle.
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    We also have to remember that the company has not stopped production of Kalashnikov rifles. It has only diversified for profit-making.
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    It is natural companies will diversify into new products and new lines. probably they thought that they captured the maximum business and there is no further scope in that line for expansion. Now the trend is mainly about lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles. Many electric vehicles wanted these lithium-ion batteries and there are some components used in these lithium-ion batteries are also of the same class they use in the bullets used in those rifles.
    It is a good decision by the company to divert into that line which will have a lot of scope for development and expansion in the coming days.

    always confident

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